Satellite radio’s “The ___ & Anthony Show”

The crossword puzzle clue today is "Satellite radio’s “The ___ & Anthony Show”". To solve this puzzle clue, we look for the similarity crossword puzzle definitions for our clue. Below are the possibilities crossword solution and answer for "Satellite radio’s “The ___ & Anthony Show”".

Satellite radio’s “The ___ & Anthony Show” :

“The Opie & Anthony Show” is a talk show broadcast on XM and Sirius satellite radio. Hosts of the show are Opie Hughes and Anthony Cumia. I’ve turned into a bit of grouch in my old age, and I must admit that I find broadcasts like “The Opie & Anthony Show” very puerile and offensive. Past features in the show include “Whip ‘em Out Wednesdays”, “Voyeur Bus” and “T&A with O&A”. You get the idea …

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Satellite radio’s “The ___ & Anthony Show” | mike | 4.5

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