The crossword puzzle clue today is "To Whom Brabantio Says: Thou art a villain". To solve this puzzle clue, we look for the similarity crossword puzzle definitions for our clue. Below are the possibilities crossword solution and answer for "To Whom Brabantio Says: Thou art a villain".

Similar crossword puzzle definitions: To Whom Brabantio Says: Thou art a villain

Villain in ‘Othello’;
Betrayer of the Moor;
Shakespearean baddie;

Try this 4 letters answer: IAGO

Brabantio. What profane wretch art thou? 125

Iago. I am one, sir, that comes to tell you your daughter
and the Moor are now making the beast with two backs.

Brabantio. Thou art a villain.

Iago. You are—a senator.

Brabantio. This thou shalt answer; I know thee, Roderigo. 130

Roderigo. Sir, I will answer any thing. But, I beseech you,
If’t be your pleasure and most wise consent,
As partly I find it is, that your fair daughter,
At this odd-even and dull watch o’ the night,
Transported, with no worse nor better guard 135
But with a knave of common hire, a gondolier,
To the gross clasps of a lascivious Moor—
If this be known to you and your allowance,
We then have done you bold and saucy wrongs;
But if you know not this, my manners tell me 140
We have your wrong rebuke. Do not believe
That, from the sense of all civility,
I thus would play and trifle with your reverence:
Your daughter, if you have not given her leave,
I say again, hath made a gross revolt; 145
Tying her duty, beauty, wit and fortunes
In an extravagant and wheeling stranger
Of here and every where. Straight satisfy yourself:
If she be in her chamber or your house,
Let loose on me the justice of the state 150
For thus deluding you.


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