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Best Daily Cryptic Crossword November 21 2022 Answers

Best Daily Cryptic Crossword November 21 2022 Answers:

Price cuts made by discounter? 10 letters REDUCTIONS
Discover the absence of our island state 8 letters MISSOURI
Land provided by heiress 4 letters EIRE
Remain for support 4 letters STAY
Difference of opinion sends it awry 7 letters DISSENT
Prim artiste clad in tatters 11 letters STRAITLACED
Droll doctor first to know where ships are repaired 7 letters DRYDOCK
Small measure in church 4 letters INCH
Hide damaged sink 4 letters SKIN
The plane possibly is a Jumbo! 8 letters ELEPHANT
Rodent-killers stir up some rats 10 letters MOUSETRAPS
Rex wrecked us in wrecks 5 letters RUINS
Lose hope changing diapers 7 letters DESPAIR
A friend much altered 4 letters CHUM
In names in titles it’s a literal start 8 letters INITIALS
Wants river to flow round between poles 5 letters NEEDS
Pressed metal supplied by editor 6 letters IRONED
Vessels for baseball players 8 letters PITCHERS
Bird leading hikers astray 6 letters SHRIKE
Female going round in yacht 7 letters CYNTHIA
A wild dog doing badly 5 letters DINGO
Hard workers in Hampshire 5 letters HANTS
Some prize stimulates enthusiasm 4 letters ZEST

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