Irish Times (Crosaire)

Young woman raised in Thessaloniki 0
Worked out the sketch for Dreyfus from Penny Dreadfuls 0
Upsets first class young man in possession of hot flower from Mexico 0
Type of European on the margins today 0
Turns up, two lines at Abbey empty at back of theatre and in sight of the viewer 0
Tool for moving sun tile 0
Tolstoy is down in the dumps consuming the French, primarily saucy, dishes served with diced vegetables 0
The foreign drink poured into plutonium produced upland 0
Taliban dismiss it as run-of-the-mill 0
Take a look at liberal health and safety authority review by coquettish flutterer 0
Study produced by cur from Syracuse 0
Some upsetting menace profiting from type of nut 0
Red herring with head removed from Takeaway is no good 0
Ram and duck – the last born in Stud? 0
Prickly sort of college plays a part over uncertainty from the start 0
Pile of characters stuffed into melodrama’s storylines 0
Parent serving up bananas 0
Palm weevil from the borders picked up by Jack and Jill going up the hill 0
Oleasters produced by more than one mate of Popeye in Moscow presumably? 0
Nothing special in clip of one of those from Trinity? Who cares! 0
Northern paper, for example, has a sting in its tail? 0
Massachusetts doctor that is a chatterbox 0
Locked up in Guggenheim – a museum preaching to the faithful 0
Last of the flour in baked scones produced by those who normally cut out the naughty stuff 0
In a manner of speaking, everyone is involved in risk, producing Prokofiev’s Cinderella 0
Heartless sheepish types employing scientists 0
Goes out for the night in this state after counting the sheep 0
Fat deposit around top of ulna 0
Country and Western foundation associated with The Kingdom was run by those great people from The Palace 0
Content of menu bar uploaded in Chelsea, for example 0
Chairperson ignores cries from Oliver 0
Bit of compensation for one of those who had a hand in 18 down 0
A maths problem that’s likely to take your breath away 0
Turns up, support starts with old boy’s mother from college in Asia 0
They’re responsible for the mess at the start of 15 across and at the end of the process 0
Turnover, initially made in type of bakery, is frozen 0
The Band, one of those in The Police and One Direction – they generally don’t mind their own business 0
The odyssey, for example, of direction for short film on Limerick 0
Superior clip posted around Ireland 0
Switch at Terminus or don’t get on at all 0
Shift is similar to 23 down 0
Pursue a career at the end of 15 across 0
Park in old city has a need for a rowing boat? Having debts, that’s priceless! 0
No going back to bar where the surfers hang out 0
Mate’s system works for those who don’t enjoy wandering 0
Muslim military leader briefly in Dacca working with scholar 0
Judge from Rosses Point area going all the way back 0
It’s hard for a layman to understand Jack can be gas 0
Helpmate abandons the syrupy type 0
Get rid of some deciduous trees 0