Irish Times (Crosaire)

Villains interfere with what’s written here to get full board 0
Uses map in large grotto, perhaps. for touring 0
Universal humorists on tour 0
Ultimately, loses half of shares as a consequence 0
Tempting one to retire in bliss 0
Tangle secretly with duplicitous legate 0
Sometimes Freya is extremely cynical about Norwegian capital 0
Signs of Omicron in southwestern Spanish port 0
Register traditional wisdom recalled in the north 0
Might Smithy work with this wry literary device? 0
Might cunning young lady look closely at this property? 0
Loosened it, perhaps, after she began to dine in car 0
Locals say to drink large bowl of soup – I’m told it’s peachy 0
Leo gets fungal problem in August and curses it 0
It’s inexplicable that first person’s street has one accountant in fifty 0
It’s characteristically French, in short, to begin trip at last in the end of 6 down and gad about like this 0
In the end, right before tea, the last three of 15 down begin to feel lethargic 0
Hindered by this floundering bird, oddly at a loss 0
Has the self-motivation to abandon motion to organise celebration 0
First three prepare half of the material so it’s ready in advance 0
Find saucer higher up 0
Finally, Ian returned thanks to the French back in Strasbourg 0
Discard survivor? 0
Detectives try to surround father’s changing room 0
Dash around Spain protecting eyes 0
Containing music arranged in Los Angeles and New York with my help, initially 0
Baker oddly dead set on travelling around with old German guide 0
At a river in Spain, German agrees to a drink 0
Weapon some strap to their foot 0
Undemanding period stretches for quite a distance 0
Turn church paintings into teaching tool 0
Talkative type drops good guide 0
Spots cable getting caught 0
Schedule some time with new father 0
Sat at back beside toilet for musical recitals 0
Publicity campaign to get rid of author 0
Present when repeating words of comfort 0
Noble sounding demise of old place of entertainment 0
Lots of girls in class using heads for reasoning 0
Hush or shush? These brothers can’t tell you which 0
Help root out explorer 0
He abandons what experts know for such motifs 0
Guess at cryptic clue in series 0
Goes quietly about stuffing mushrooms 0
Getting low score on it is no great shakes 0
Fleece trouser pocket 0
Fitzroy’s terrified boxing seafood 0
Feel gait becoming unsteady? Spend more time outside perhaps 0
Establish limits of reclusive Korean leader’s space programme 0
Essential meaning lacks gravity for believer 0