Irish Times (Crosaire)

Yearn for bit of Gouda Cheese 0
What the clown needs for broken leg and twitch 0
Torch is lost by one of those with head in the sand 0
Tiny amount of cases dropped by associate 0
They make light work of witch’s brews including spring waters 0
The Odd Douro Couple 0
Taps into the energy that’s electric coming from golf supporter in Waterford making it easier to drive 0
Subordinate hauls up young woman with a sign 0
Stuffed chicken leg delivered in a roundabout way as a side 0
Some nerve tissue from old hand 0
Showed the way around what’s in Pays de la Loire 0
Serve up endless duck in wine for those on the warpath 0
Rod comes off main road with wild enthusiasm 0
Revolutionary Circle and School split by old leader in old capital 0
Raised close to Tralee by the first of nine from Australia in a particular area 0
Quick study of navel tactics on the banks in retrospect 0
Psychologist dismisses pigsty and in that there’s more than one lesson? 0
Principal from yard on top of the world? 0
Local beef from Takeaway on headland in a state that’s defenceless 0
Juice for all sides today 0
It’s about to end malpractice ahead of failings, as it’s a danger to shipping 0
In a state, Nurse Batty welcomes midwives and leading obstetrician 0
Half the receipts in Congo boxing ring? 0
Ghost novel about friendly group that needs no introduction to run down areas 0
Dealing with a habit by looking authoritative – presumably, this is wearing others down? 0
Caution butcher for selling lots 0
Became aware of gangster turning up around Centre splitting diamonds 0
Arab ruler taken in by upsetting experiment 0
Advice to move on, as didn’t put a hand out for the bus 0
Action novel set around castle in old part of Provence, it’s said? 0
A rum from Bermuda’s kings and queens? 0
A fair amount of drugs for heart problems or various conditions 0
Type of gear you’d find on 25 across produced by a crafty outfit 0
Time for plain talking about The Border from this late bloomer 0
The swingers address this one getting picked up by club owner, of course 0
The duo’s unwanted companion is the silly one in a jam 0
That guy found up in Clive’s mobile with those capable of going on the road 0
Straight up – opposed to rambling article 0
Stop working for American institute in Florida 0
Small type of bridge over river is perfect for those going a short distance 0
Sheepish type of medic touring Ireland 0
Serves up a lime topping/filling in rice cake 0
Providing hospitality that’s mouth-watering? 0
Power admits one bird almost left in small plane 0
One of those taken by 25 across in The Odyssey 0
Old fashioned type in bloom and in vogue on Dunmore Head 0
Man goes around park leading to pond with fish 0
Lunatic loses the head with stickler for detail employed in the beauty business 0
Legendary bird makes a comeback for flick about ego of French woman 0
Extremely unpleasant reports from The Tube 0