Irish Times (Crosaire)

Timetable for revolutionary head of department at university in south-east 0
The issue for those in the early years 0
Sweetheart loses share in The Post 0
Study at the leading women’s institute in the Italian uniform 0
Small overseas hotel with projects guaranteeing incomes when the work is finished 0
Ran off busy street coming up with public insults 0
One whose specialised subject might be the life and works of Nikola Tesla for Mastermind? 0
Leave around the start of spring heading off for this reason? The way of life! 0
I heard broadcast doing the rounds, of course, of what mate said to his boss 0
Honest report of the old capital 0
Forced to give up working, from the opening of 14 across to closing time, before going to two different parties 0
For example, put on clothes without a top – how is that way out? 0
Estranged and missing the birds 0
Drop a line to Danish favourite from The Seafood Restaurant 0
Don’t confuse relative from Kildare with Crystal’s companion – the one you can see through! 0
Deflect lie from relative 0
Czech state AZ, for example, has a commanding influence on JFK 0
Contemplating the thought to water down one of those in The Palace 0
Confirm First Lady dropped LSD 0
British workers’ group associated with Labour is a distressing problem for Foot’s movement going forward perhaps 0
Beau lost out, as there’s no other option 0
As long as it’s short, it’s a turning point in June 0
A Milan model possibly covered in fur 0
Works in the abbey all over the place – it’s a dream at the start of the season 0
What one gives to Rich’s partner on the scrapheap? 0
Views of movie stars missing Rome 0
Unemotional type is familiar with the seas around The Antarctic presumably 0
They hide what’s really happening from mugs boxing – it’s no longer on 0
The old capital? Correct! 0
Short drama retrospective, for example, about university in The Black Death 0
Rogue from island produced dish with 10 across 0
Relative – the first murderer turning up in Psycho 0
One managed to find half the Italians in 5 down, for instance 0
One car coming in light shades synonymous with touring 0
Old instruments for taking top of anther from flowers 0
No money in mayonnaises produced by the Chinese 0
Icons are smashed in a sequence of dramatic developments 0
Has no chance of success in a racing car with a flat battery? 0
Garda’s union produced conflict 0
Establishing the facts, putting together the pieces? You bet! 0
Closes 3 down for school group 0
At the start of 16 down most of the slimy stuff locally is used to get rid of vermin 0
24 across and most of them do celebrate 0
Veronica’s not wrong to talk 0
Turns up, Ross Ward reviews Grant’s adaptation of The Guilty Party 0
State of old boat taken by a new overseas carrier for flighty types 0
Ruffle someone’s feathers by putting it on the record 0
Risible beastly type from hot Asian capital is away 0
Ran Red Rum for the little guy from The Messenger 0
Public support for 500 in Wicklow vale around Coolafancy 0