Irish Times (Crosaire)

What one of those types on The Wire won’t want to do in decline 0
Type of match for all sides today 0
Transfer art out to place in Wexford 0
Tom Sawyer won’t take Metros, of course 0
The smooth flowing manner of architect on the fringes in the building game? 0
Stay at The Centre on street close to bakery – yum! 0
Sounds like Lewis is the first to school with those taking routes on train tracks that aren’t heavy with traffic 0
Smokier mixture is annoying 0
School where, at The Centre in Czech Republic, leader of insurrection produces a number of lively movements 0
Raising the devil on both sides of bar 0
Prone to plagiarism? Presumably, a journalist with a typewriter! 0
Power-assisted steering – that’ll keep you on your toes 0
Penny cuts things rather fine, starting off for crab’s nipper 0
Objectives of Leonidas I utilising every other letter 0
My wife, for instance in The Sun as I see it 0
Messengers carried such medical symbols associated with staff, caught and arrested initially by Mussolini, for one 0
Local chap on the radio with an Egyptian ploughman 0
It’s not what you’d expect of high literature and you’ll have to do time for it, however little 0
It’s a shady type of hot sauce when you don’t have tacos 0
Impatient desire for Channel to remove the Head 0
Huffed and puffed in depressed state 0
Holds the distinction of being taken in by Venice tycoon 0
Headless units of wisdom from peers 0
Fragment of multiple choice relates to what’s heard in The Cave again and again 0
Empty bus on meadow for part of The Hearing 0
Elevated part of the Taj Mahal building is as dull as dishwater 0
Druid production has direction with writing that’s even more colourful 0
Brief uplifting address by old fogey heading to Ulster 0
Bear up in the band? 0
Art from leather produced in part of Italy 0
After bad start on ocean-liner, head barman is doing a job in case the bank fails? 0
A cold Adriatic wind, the first coming off island is the talk of the eloquent speakers 0
Weekend in South African and time for a game 0
Supporter on The Hill consumes duck with the foreign drink, a large one 0
Supported Dubs from the start after sanction 0
States where there’s nothing in crime and corruption 0
Record for setting up duty free shops in a roundabout way 0
Puts on an act with unpredictable serpent around around Land’s End 0
Positions of duck wings? 0
Old French behind 8 across and most of those in 14 across? That’s open to debate! 0
Old boat returning with first officer consumed by martial arts workout from Indonesian volcanic island 0
Official permission for a park sign in polar wild 0
Material for a drawer in a school – the type anyone doing a rough sketch could draw on? 0
Mark’s successor gets Capital Punishment for extreme crime in our community 0
Make a difference to the runner starting treatment in hospital 0
Little and Large? 0
Left to rehearse around old city with Dubliners and other bookish types 0
Find and bring back by meandering River Tee? 0
Composed segment of physical map 0
Check both sides of Stewart’s Theorem 0