Irish Times (Crosaire)

Whistle produced by one with great expectations and energy 0
Truck stop around the outskirts of Rosslare 0
Two American cities offering at auction missing diamonds without committing offence 0
Switch defective leads for the electric rickety monitoring system in dispute 0
Students of the past in old boys’ club 0
Subject to no service on Christmas Eve? 0
Stretch your legs largely on summits of Italian island going up for a bit of a word 0
Source from abroad is starting to get information from the centre on 24 down 0
Reddish-brown sides of rump roast 0
Remains angry about end of war with those working overseas in the past 0
Ran to ground in Ring by journalist 0
Puts two and two together on the banks of Admiralty Islands 0
Public official with office key opens really accessible toilets 0
Paid in full for topless dresses 0
Old modes of transport, for Crusades all over the place 0
One in a million? 0
New bus decor goes unnoticed 0
It’s the end of the line for Government’s stint in America 0
Endless fish heads of ide, anchovies, nurse sharks produced by islanders 0
Drunk Dad rants tucking into stiff drinks producing type of hypocrisy applied to some people and not to others 0
Courted a model – a classy type 0
BBC owe cast of Silk designed by those spinning yarns 0
Audaciously, a follower from dated heartless place 0
Those taken by Constable perhaps in 27 across and 20 down 0
The Party line – they can be beat – out of despondency 0
Teased model with dope 0
Taken by surprise by theologian welcoming one small musical performance by One Direction 0
Sounds like a type of beat – a staple of The Animals 0
Shown on a projector to swingers, sailors and those plucky types who are capable of pulling strings 0
Set play for one pal – a ballpark figure 0
Rudely ignoring someone serving up small cakes with a type of cherry 0
Remove the gear from small dandy from Split 0
Pays attention to rib leaving Hebrides 0
One of those on hand to dig it? 0
No sodas in boarding houses for one of those next door 0
In spite of that, run out of courage, flip and cry briefly 0
Has a job examining relative’s bloodline for Spike 0
Fine criminal for false statement? It’s beyond words! 0
Final, final warning for snaky type sounds like a touch of desperation 0
Criminal institute mentioned in article on French capital 0
Created an issue by using white silkies – could Humpty Dumpty have done this for someone’s breakfast? 0
Cools off most getting off steamboats 0
Colourful type of piece on square meal doing the rounds 0
Clip of missing dolphin from poison fire coral, for instance? 0
At the end of Gladiator, Ollie briefly is the last person to show up as the fog descends 0
You’ve probably heard this locally, in a manner of speaking 0
Tin from Atlantis produced by Greek with the world on his shoulders 0
The gathering of nets from coastlines 0
Submissive type briefly finds uplifting place for get-together 0
Spot prize ultimately for a gent 0