Irish Times (Simplex)

Unidentified, obscure 0
Humorous writings to ridicule and expose 0
Head of a newspaper, say 0
Former member of the armed forces 0
Find the answer to a mystery 0
Dies back 0
… must when the devil drives (proverb) 0
Without, or very short of, money 0
Strips of grass bordering roads 0
Spiritualist, channel of communication 0
Put a muzzle on the joke 0
Once round the course 0
New York underground 0
Knocks out 0
In the US, they’re cookies 0
Implements for particular purposes 0
Flying machine 0
Contestants who are unlikely to win 0
Chubby, fat 0
Becomes tangled up 0
Aural organ 0
All of one’s assets after death 0
Units of weight 0
Three equal parts 0
Sharp spike on a plant 0
Point at a target 0
Operator of a motor vehicle 0
Mad as a March hare 0
Golfing starts here 0
Gold or copper, say 0
Gas used chiefly in welding 0
Film maker who pioneered animated cartoons 0
Essential substances turn up in mini vats 0
Cardinal compass point 0
Artificially-made compound 0
A line spoken by an actor to the audience 0
Upholstered seat 0
Take a loan of 0
Such a person is attractive and captivating, almost hypnotic perhaps 0
Stories, perhaps tall ones 0
Object used to indicate a position or route 0
Large and scholarly books 0
It provides the body with vitamin D 0
Change liquid to solid 0
”But I have …to keep / And miles to go before I sleep” (Robert Frost) 0
They create three-dimensional figures 0
The beautiful game, some call it 0
Take one before buying a car 0
Soft quilt 0
Put in place, ready for use 0