Irish Times (Simplex)

Take what’s offered 0
Numbers or letters indicating a student’s performance 0
Having a nice flavour 0
Fabric made from the flax plant 0
Composition for an orchestra 0
Alloy of tin and lead alloy 0
Third-level student exchange programme of the EU, in short 0
Save up for flowers 0
Rather; a little 0
Count the RIPs 0
Caused to lose courage 0
Bram Stoker’s gothic vampire 0
”Do not go … into that good night” (Dylan Thomas) 0
Wheeled vehicles in the old West 0
Undoes a knot 0
Took one’s ease 0
Mended, recovered 0
Lewd, abhorrent 0
Flat circular objects 0
Combats, battles 0
Tie up with a rope 0
Thick twisted rope 0
Sullen and ill-tempered 0
Rest the head on it 0
Pieces of paper, bed linen and sailing ropes 0
Military marching style of the Nazis 0
Massive horned mammals, in short 0
Hair-care product 0
Gave the meaning of a word 0
Fabric of matted wool fibres 0
Devices to check if surfaces are flat 0
Continue to assert 0
Australian bush country 0
”I dreamt I dwelt in marble …” (The Bohemian Girl) 0
”For oft, when on my couch I lie / in … or in pensive mood” (Wordsworth) 0
Seal, on a ring say 0
In a relaxed manner, not rigid 0
Day named for the sixth plant from the sun 0
Cords around the neck for whistles etc. 0
…De Compostela, Galician capital 0
Takes one’s ease 0
Rounded edible fruits 0
Regulation, custom 0
Plants that climb and twine 0
Places inside something else 0
Large wave and hair-curler 0
Is not in a position to 0
Guide by going in front 0
Foretelling the future 0
Deep holes 0