Irish Times (Simplex)

Unit of temperature and angle 0
The butt of a comedian’s jokes 0
Strange sepia air of honey bees here 0
Render unable to hear 0
Person who estimates the value of property 0
Once …, twice shy, it’s said 0
Mindless, vacuous 0
Lack of sensation in a part of the body 0
Difficulties, problems 0
Cuba’s Javier Sotomayor holds the record in this sport 0
Ben talks about bedding 0
Web-footed swimming birds 0
Vessel for rescue at sea 0
Steadfast in affection or allegiance 0
Regret the French street 0
Invertebrate with many legs 0
If civil, they can be employed by the state 0
Groups of birds and sheep 0
Game played in a sable lab, strangely 0
Fine-grained sedimentary rock 0
Circuit of a racetrack 0
Beam of light on a fish? 0
At these present times 0
Ancient nation on the Nile 0
Trees, shrubs etc 0
Travelling on horseback 0
Rough to the touch or uncouth 0
Major centre of the French wine trade 0
Instrument for measuring the angular distance between celestial objects 0
Grasslike plant growing in wet places 0
Between blue and yellow 0
Avoid speaking to or dealing with 0
‘I think that I shall never see / A poem lovely as a …’ (Kilmer) 0
‘He who hath … to hear, let him hear’ (Bible) 0
‘A lonely impulse of …’ (Yeats) 0
Very cross, furious 0
Tenaciously unwilling to yield 0
Steep high rockfaces 0
Religious paintings and computer symbols 0
Make one thing compatible with another 0
Looks over carefully 0
Let he who is without it, cast the first stone 0
Learn a skill etc. through practice 0
Group classed together 0
Eighty 0
Early civilisation of Mexico 0
Dry material to start a fire 0
Colour combinations of black and white 0
Bringing anxiety or uneasiness 0
Book drafts for checking 0