Irish Times (Simplex)

Warned or made aware of 0
Travelled behind or ensued 0
The act of trying hard 0
Retired but retaining a former title as an honour 0
Putting the foot down noisily, angrily 0
Persuade or incite 0
Order to report for military duty 0
Describes clothes that barely cover the body 0
Delicately complex or understated 0
A sharp pointed summit 0
21dn with high mortality 0
White garment worn by a priest 0
They’re not inclined to exert themselves 0
Small purple plum 0
Short?accounts of incidents 0
She’s about to be married 0
Round crisp fruits 0
One is from Tokyo, say 0
On one’s own 0
Meander, ramble about 0
Loud, harsh noise 0
Join two ropes by weaving the strands of one into the other 0
It can be made by a court of law 0
Had forty feline winks 0
Emit low rumbling sounds 0
All of one’s assets after death 0
‘I will … and go now’ (Yeats) 0
Walked as if unable to control one’s movements 0
Track cut into the surface of a record 0
They work below ground 0
The art of illusion 0
Support for a resting head 0
Shouting approval 0
One who has an extraordinary talent 0
Making a commitment to do 0
‘Tristan and …’ (Wagner opera) 0
Written account of a voyage 0
Write one’s name on 0
Turns away from a faith 0
Took a sharp breath 0
Small platform for a public speaker or orchestra conductor 0
Remove, a bad tooth perhaps 0
Performer who can keep several objects simultaneously in the air 0
Overfamiliar through overuse 0
Needs must when the devil …, it’s said 0
Moved on a liquid surface without sinking 0
Light-emitting filament surrounded by glass 0
Leader of the Argonauts who sailed in quest of the Golden Fleece 0
Launches an assault on 0
If you’ve done it with flying ones, it’s a great success 0