Irish Times (Simplex)

Unfamiliar person 0
This bread is soon forgotten, it’s said 0
Speedy, quick 0
Saved from destruction 0
Rate of walking or running 0
Old term for a British policeman 0
Of limited width 0
Musical compositions with words 0
Makes ready 0
Looks ahead with apprehension 0
It’s a strange insect, I wager 0
Church officer in charge of sacred objects 0
A denomination of Islam 0
Vividly coloured bird 0
Visual perceptions 0
Small dagger and high heel 0
Robot with human appearance and computer operating system 0
Profoundly 0
Not fit to eat 0
Made marks on a surface 0
Ladies’ underwear 0
It’s paid by a tenant 0
Finding fault constantly 0
Feeling sorrow for sins 0
Fantastic, really great 0
Canine limb on a golf course 0
Bring to an end slowly 0
They prevent ships from moving 0
The act of confining prisoners to their cells 0
Ronnie of the Dubliners 0
Reprimand firmly 0
Raised the temperature 0
Portrayed feelings in a theatrical manner 0
Once …, twice shy, it’s said 0
Longboats on inland waterways 0
Indolent, lazy in the past 0
In the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, it’s the answer to ‘Life, the Universe and Everything’ 0
Highly educated person 0
Barriers of horizontal bar and supports 0
With a sharply uneven edge 0
Where dairy products are made 0
The mind or spirit 0
Sets of vertebrae 0
Particular place or position 0
Long clerical garments 0
If this at the post, you’ve been very narrowly defeated 0
High, steep rock-faces 0
Gathering or harvesting 0
Fakers, frauds 0
Dish of stewed pieces of meat in a thick sauce 0