Irish Times (Simplex)

Written musical compositions 0
Withers, shrinks 0
Uttered a sudden loud cry 0
Subject of a talk or piece of writing 0
Sour, turned 0
Set free from bonds 0
Seabird with coloured bill 0
Re-use old material 0
Person connected by blood or marriage 0
Powerful tractor to flatten buildings 0
Old and threadbare 0
Moved troops into position for action 0
Legitimate, legally acceptable 0
It’s all around us but we can’t see it 0
Give birth to pigs 0
Fairies of folklore 0
Deceptions or illusions 0
Alarm, apprehension 0
”All the … of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand” (Lady Macbeth) 0
Worker in precious stones and metals 0
Tiny baby 0
Support for rider’s foot 0
Safety feature in a car 0
Removable covers 0
Putting out of a property 0
Point in the orbit of the moon that’s furthest from the earth 0
Piece of furniture for displaying small ornaments 0
Long stays in bed in the mornings 0
It’s tightened around the neck to cause strangulation 0
Grassy plant of wet areas 0
Give a sudden loud cry 0
Explosively unstable 0
Expressing much in few words 0
Disobedient and disruptive 0
Deny, refuse to acknowledge 0
”Call me …” (first line of Moby Dick) 0
William …, expert Swiss marksman 0
Uprising, insurrection 0
Prevent from deteriorating 0
Predilections, strong likings 0
Parts of a play 0
Open wagon drawn by an animal 0
Moving ahead 0
Looks ahead with great apprehension 0
Lustrous structures in oysters 0
La Boheme and La Traviata, say 0
In the interim 0
Ends 0
Citizens of Milan, say 0
Belgian, Spaniard or Greek, say 0