New York Times Crossword

___ reaction 0
[Batman punches a bad guy] 0
Workers in forges 0
Word before ride or slide 0
Word before an explanation 0
With 44-Down, making futile attempts … and an extra hint to this puzzle’s theme 0
With 24-Across, Emmy winner for ‘Once and Again’ 0
Which card to pick from a magician? 0
What’s-___-name 0
What’s at the center of some court battles? 0
What ‘/’ may mean 0
Weapon for Samson against the Philistines 0
Walking with flair 0
Vowelless ‘yes’ 0
Two-wheeled carriage 0
They may be fixed 0
They have big mouths 0
The titular bad guy in ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ 0
Starting point on a computer 0
Small black-and-white treat 0
Slides 0
Site that competes with Amazon Handmade 0
Site of Hercules’ first labor 0
Singer with the 2016 platinum album ‘This Is Acting’ 0
Simple earrings 0
Sheepish response to ‘Where did the last cookie go?’ 0
Service with nearly two billion users 0
See 105-Across 0
Second person in the Bible 0
Seat of Florida’s Marion County 0
Run an online scam 0
Quiet summons 0
Product whose sizes have letters 0
Popular action film franchise … or what trying to find the item in this puzzle can be described as 0
Pizza chain since 1943, familiarly 0
Personal datum: Abbr 0
Palindromic leaders 0
Onetime name for China 0
One of the Blues Brothers 0
One may be sworn 0
Odd article of clothing to wear with a tank top 0
Not express, in a way 0
Murder weapon in ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’ 0
Mr. ___, scheming socialite in ‘Emma’ 0
More than umbrage 0
Mnemosyne’s daughters 0
Man’s name that means ‘king’ 0
Man’s name that anagrams to HYENAS 0
Long-gone 0
Liquor store requests 0