The Guardian Cryptic Crossword

TT (travelling by truck?) 0
Touching stove isn’t funny! 0
Spooner’s other half meeting old king in confined space 0
Source of thread in suit woven for someone from central Africa? 0
Soup recipe secured by painter 0
Soldier carrying artist’s sign 0
Sly dog dangled bananas for insect 0
Shingle broken up for old printing type 0
Puncture found after rope breaks 0
Popular copper to transport unwelcome nocturnal visitor 0
Points in short typeface set up ready for use 0
Pain relief for north American with broken leg detained in the Far East 0
Overweight women given a death sentence 0
Old Ottoman guide, a bore, going to a sultanate in Arabia 0
Newcomer’s music upset audience finally leaving concert hall, say 0
Motif retraced around part of stringed instrument 0
Master’s translated letter for hands-on worker 0
Insurgent put base of bomb in rock 0
Infant born before sailor gets by in the end 0
Food fit for leave-taking? 0
Find fault with round metal tool 0
Eccentric person eating only skimmed milk-based sauce 0
Dump serving as nest for tiny bird ascending 0
Cricketer initially happy about the headgear 0
Country where bell sounds rise before long 0
Condition endlessly applied to limits of the law 0
Champion footballer visiting a hospital 0
Carry clubs in small container 0
Brief extract from impressive unfinished book 0
Withdrawal of a man from capital breaking heart of Latin lover 0
With effort, find believer abroad, we’re told 0
Wild pig’s growth affected eating acorns, primarily 0
What was written on role filled by church workers? 0
We’re instructed to nurture grounded bird 0
Victor in the past bearing Irish battleaxe 0
Threatened woodland remains good to roam 0
The king’s changing suit in alarm when Sally comes in 0
Sugared sago confection not right for pet? 0
Strait-laced Puritan leader outside 0
Signals from Javier Hernandez causing repeated unrest in crowd? 0
Rushes through to grab a draw 0
Revise sketch of Marxist a good deal 0
Peer hard in windows to see ancient playwright 0
One adores images from Carry On film 0
Lively dance lifts Brussels band’s performance 0
I’m relieved to see seat outside hotel 0
Husband in court quietly passing wind by the sound of it 0
Group in uprising chose to violate polls 0
Goes down and dishes up porridge 0
Fix motorway, returning heavy machinery 0