The Guardian Cryptic Crossword

Telescope on, characteristic rings appear, ultimately 0
Taken before lunch, stuff including black seafood 0
Spooner’s man with a beard in prayer? 0
Spanish drink __ it’s okay for the French 0
Space vacated after journey including a trek 0
Singin’ about a creation of 16 across 0
Risk a couple of sharp bends, challenging corners 0
Range one voluntarily holds back 0
Purple: the mast after rigging containing hint of yellow 0
Pay people running competition? 0
Notice rifle shot 0
Note obsessive passage 0
Measure of cycles is very painful, reportedly? 0
I’m fed up with the wet country 0
Make bombs to defend old game 0
Gone to collect windcheater, finally given a coat 0
Creation of 16 across, money 0
Creation of 16 across, head honcho 0
Creation of 16 across, cross monitor 0
Creation of 16 across in shade of tree? 0
Bloke having lemon sole in the end 0
Avoid cricketing failure 0
American drink in French house 0
Almost twelve taking lift became unconscious 0
A tree drops on author 0
A day daughter enters payment for creation of 16 across 0
Unwashed masses taking king’s head 0
Way a man embraces a queen 0
Terrible danger, with polit_ical activists at Buckingham House event 0
Suffer no fool: Canute misquoted about heresy, initially 0
Stand for leadership of the youth party in free Yugoslavia 0
Snack in foil, say pig’s foot 0
Renovated seediest part of the North 0
Plot to murder princes about nothing 0
Perhaps Victoria is not at fault 0
Old heartless Richard III in feud about filth 0
Oh, I parted sadly from love’s image 0
More unpleasant than retsina? Unlikely! 0
Man of the North, as James I was in Scotland! 0
Lorry then diverted in the direction of Scotland? 0
King, to be beheaded, takes sanctuary somewhere near Wembley 0
In Scotland’s valleys, Elizabeth’s heart picks up 0
Harold at first confessed rising up to snap in anger 0
Good to leave the upper class no way out 0
Getting bigger, King George: one defined by his appetite? 0
Gave out (caught), left in, left out 0
Following report of communist, letters must show these 0
Exercising restraint, as the Queen is said to do in spirit 0
Edward, our sovereign, showed passions 0
Decreed: set gold before man of the North, reported journalist 0