The Guardian Cryptic Crossword

Weasels ten a penny in Tory politicians primarily, wearing characters 0
Ultimately distant, newborn chick __ mine closer? 0
Those storing money are sure it’s fraudulent 0
Teams grouped together covered three miles, once 0
Team alarmed after breaking free 0
Take scoundrel on journey during date 0
Stop pouring whiskey on bird 0
Sounding challenge to mountaineer, money serious current issue 0
Reject current issue capturing heart of nation 0
Not on time, Greek character in cab, I suspect, beginning to hurry 0
Manuscript never ends: an old writer unfinished still 0
French wine bottles right for French politician 0
Fast strike has lost power, unfortunately 0
Extend Tesla scandal? 0
Exceptional transport commandered by queens turned up 0
Evidence of a lower dance score 0
Drink in local occasionally served up 0
Cutter one has boarded didn’t appear to reverse 0
Carrier crowd set on fire 0
Cardinal carried by ruminant leaves 0
Captive audience’s ceremony for old player 0
Broadcast featuring opening of peep show again 0
Arm bone fractured beneath hard wood 0
Very strong drug? Primarily it’s found in drink 0
Turn down release by Queen 0
Tramp’s in contact with relation 0
Tense one running and dancing 0
Talk over judge 0
Stoppage time with Italian team getting goal 0
Stop on the way 0
Speak of sin restraining love 0
Soldier waits on reinforcements 0
Sex is good: climax with that woman, husband’s away 0
Second pound fairy regularly left for this? 0
Running caravan over grass? On the contrary 0
Rough lines outlining snake 0
Pub atmosphere is accommodating for someone wanting a good meal? 0
Plant with yellow spike 0
One picks up booze and ales: try rehab when drunk 0
Magic mushroom 0
Leave TV not connected 0
Lead away from party line 0
It covers pot belly fine, ultimately coat’s for going out 0
Initially, applicant with medical degree on day left a covering letter 0
Gear for going off motorway: heading to junction going around slow-moving traffic 0
English real butter oddly spread on cold toast 0
Drawer describing artist as ‘more eager’ 0
Character supports strike 0
Bum stops in prison 0
Bath gushing in middle 0