The Guardian Quick Crossword

Wide of the target 0
Washing machine with two drums 0
Undertaken without payment for the public good 0
Suddenly become very angry 0
Strange and frightening (informal) 0
Person, like Ebenezer Scrooge, with no time for humankind __ North Sea imp (anag) 0
Overbearing confidence 0
Our do (anag) 0
One-piece over-the-shoulders swimsuit for chaps 0
Melody with variations 0
Loose trousers 0
Interest that is suddenly all the rage 0
Heavy silk or linen fabric with a pattern woven into it 0
Giant with a single eye in the middle of the forehead 0
Disease of infants and young children that makes breathing difficult 0
Device displaying words to be read out 0
Country where both Celsius and Nobel were born 0
By great luck (anag) __ one way to stop an opponent getting any further? 0
Bolster (anag) 0
Below the standards required for the purpose 0
Bamboo-eating bear from China 0
Anger caused by being offended 0
Adjust or manipulate (facts or figures) 0
Top cards 0
The winning goal! 0
Splendour 0
Short piece of sacred choral music 0
Scholarly books 0
Predatory kind of dolphin 0
Largest port in Cyprus 0
International unit of length 0
Insect stage between larva and adult 0
Egyptian goddess, sister (and wife) of Osiris 0
Douglas Bader’s outfit 0
Delectable (informal) 0
Chew the cud 0
Casablanca star 0
Burrowing rodent related to the guinea pig 0
Apartment with one main room 0
1948 film noir starring 4 __ Florida island 0
1946 film noir starring 1 across __ of ill-repute 0
Predicament __ golfer’s target 0
Liberia’s capital 0
Woodwork 0
Sky-blue colour 0
Predicament __ golfer’s target 0
Post-nuptial break 0
Neither M nor F 0
Liberia’s capital 0
Horse kept only for hire 0