The Guardian Quiptic Crossword

Twain boy most upset by solicitor dropping line 0
Transmit clue hidden inside for a small fee 0
Tease performing in Somerset town 0
Switches new ingredient for drinks 0
South Americans occupying flat in Osaka 0
Sound hesitant leaving presentation for execution in America 0
Socialist pretended to be held back before publication 0
Slating’s broken in new house? Put it on this 0
Seriousness will tend to keep you grounded 0
Sailors on tub needed to soften water 0
Part of mirror reflection shows up fault 0
One for the first time playing tuba in pit 0
Old community found in outskirts of British wood 0
Neck point involved in transmission of feeling 0
Name on picture provides some illumination 0
Grooming hard worker to take time for run 0
Great flow under ground 0
Friend declared a position 0
Flash poseur dancing around her, for example 0
Fancy an idea containing this, for example 0
Family time in spot that’s fittingly close 0
Dues to be paid for players not starting 0
Don’t go out without your cap? It’s a shame 0
Decent amount to clear up problem? 0
Crown reportedly understands the outcome of excess flattery 0
Component of arms that Iran bought in America originally 0
Both sides abandon long aspect when gambling 0
Boss upset by right-wing whinging 0
Being virtuous is not commonly involved in being devious 0
Be reasonable, when regular partner is working 0
Woman showing compassion in a Beirut hotel 0
With a flourish, shows a selection of fibre-rich food offerings 0
Was there to observe material 0
Trained in secret as underground opposition 0
Strictly accurate cutback by court 0
Several getting by, supported by deliveries repeatedly 0
Professor could be rocking 0
Press pitch regularly ignored, which is funny 0
Powerless to accept the Guardian is not fit for purpose 0
PM seen in a newspaper with the Queen and now gone, essentially 0
Meet, for example, grabbing fist somehow 0
Mash of poorest quality, but not quite 0
Juliet in same but different fragrance 0
In case, run out and find cover 0
Home poetry by sailor 0
Helping a learner to be sensible 0
Green fare movement encourages food products compatible with animal welfare 0
Grant sound and colour 0
For a start, how are you feeling? Always sneezing? 0
Finally trek leader follows maps in a book 0