The Guardian Quiptic Crossword

Unconventional nineties genius 0
Unsympathetic country offering unpleasant cure for addiction 0
Tuck sides of robe into luggage 0
Try to back clubs 0
Stenographer’s instrument 0
Swollen bananas go green __ close to bad 0
Sponges found by climber heading to slopes 0
Retired queen has surprising tale to tell 0
One renting basic accommodation outside centre of Monaco 0
Raised money for speakers 0
Monitor about to resort to drink 0
Mediterranean island the French cry about 0
Large kind of bag containing real dancing bear 0
Letter by grand American conservative is worthless 0
John has master’s weaving equipment 0
Intense part of standard entertainment 0
Flaps of skin wobbling in big gowns? 0
Fellow on farm given a scarf 0
Enthusiast served up perfect example of spice 0
Entertainment offered by naughty priest carrying drinks? 0
English fighting over Germany to get daughter to an old king 0
Bank upset about court orders 0
Daily sex sorted out learning difficulty 0
Bad painting taking in north European river 0
Assembly dismissing University document 0
Aromatic vein of ore turning up in fissure 0
A runaway horse is on the beach 0
Account book found by shelf on right 0
Woos Ms Williams and Mr O’Connor 0
Wet weather front of many colours 0
What Giuliani used to do is not solid 0
Watch out, monarch gets a beating 0
True from the time of Roman Empire origins 0
Top section having skill 0
To the audience a line from the more popular song 0
Thoughts and principles left out 0
Stand for hire, top to bottom 0
Sign spotted in time to turn back 0
Somewhere in Belgium is missing an idiot 0
Send a signal about fresh bread found on the beach? 0
Scandinavians born in a backward miserable setting 0
Regularly tack in top sail 0
Saw cottage, for example, within Scotland’s borders 0
Record revolutionary coming to a point 0
Officialdom requires extremely rare draft copy 0
Occasions for home positions 0
Love, kiss me madly __ we’re Northerners! 0
Misusing it may cause bad credit 0
Like Bridget Jones, divulge secrets twice! 0
In retrospect, realise it’s a ghost 0