The Guardian Quiptic Crossword

Wrap boy’s broken ankle with some kind of shirt 0
Stay outside and check procedure 0
Smell extremely bad odour around layabout 0
Small boat’s old with bamboo frame 0
Shocking art movement has a following __ I’m not sure about it on reflection 0
Sent for a trip along the esplanade 0
Quietly left off plaque with date incorrectly cut for watercourse 0
No huge labour to make a sufficient quantity 0
Models have little space in marquee 0
Large number finally get short time on beach 0
Keep an eye on reptile 0
Judge new bishop in old Yorkshire city to be an archetypal Englishman 0
Jackdaw nest concealed when day breaks 0
Guiding light from church on hill 0
Furious when flower head is knocked off by branches 0
French articles about catch thrown back by sailor not based on facts 0
Fasteners for flies? 0
Drift in and out of sleep as 12 noon slips away 0
Degree students have big party 0
Daughter’s motoring club going over Tesla’s facts and figures 0
Clan’s brief attempt to live on island 0
City of London finance assumed to be productive 0
Charlie’s copying Mike in holidaying under canvas 0
Cattle cross east between beginning of October and November 0
Casino worker’s cough getting worse? 0
Bashed in first of stakes to dishearten vampire 0
Bags of support with crowds 0
Average kind of wine knocked back causes wind 0
Approached large animal 0
A bride’s unhappy with such a mattress 0
What’s left of rise may be owing 0
Violent act, a bit like pancake mix? 0
Viewer plugged in here 0
Vibrant tirade about broken nose 0
Tedious jobs completed at last, OK with New York’s redevelopment 0
Some of the clientele mentioned water, perhaps 0
Skipping school, tour USA (North-West’s borders) 0
Shine like the seafood in Yorkshire? 0
Preacher of letters overwhelmed by beer 0
Not quite honoured, playing for 60 minutes 0
Newspaper getting by 0
Multiple events, then a cold snap 0
Ministry of Defence’s scooter squad 0
Mind check and vacate the set after Matilda stands in line, they say 0
Looked into dust storm, initially in equatorial desert 0
Lean to one side and sneer, agitating the audience 0
In hotel, gripped by a book 0
Hugo Boss announcing no neckwear for a decade 0
Glamour of biker escaping blitzkrieg, somehow 0
For spies into mischief infiltrated by ‘one taking orders’, in a manner of speaking 0