The Guardian Quiptic Crossword

Work to reduce effect of token performance 0
Without pressure, look into cricket perhaps 0
Wise also to replace a fall guy 0
Unhappy as your solution won’t fit like this! 0
Two short ways to create part of musical system 0
Study after turf becomes waterlogged 0
Socialist knocks over fine drop of the hard stuff 0
Return theatre subsidy as a way to contain waste 0
Resolving timeless dispute can be positive 0
Racehorse lacking a run will be unstable 0
Power play __ it’s somewhat obvious! 0
Piece of old film on medical procedure put back in 0
One prepares chap at a wedding in America 0
Mess left inside ship 0
Live around loving couple? I don’t care! 0
Hide evidence of debts __ that’s mad 0
He’s a dapper sort, although somewhat dumpy 0
He pours cocktail for brilliant classical musician 0
Having views about describing birds without wings? 0
Gamble made by leading player using natural talent 0
Excellent recommendation for better cover 0
Don’t move liberated zone that’s been evacuated 0
Defeat flotilla occasionally 0
Conservative policy in document is rejected 0
Colleague right to leave mass meeting 0
Assistant held up by aristocratic junior doctor 0
Artist providing tiny cream confection 0
American genius creates knock out current account 0
Allow half-hearted duelling at sea 0
Younger relative is given a hand system for underwater detection 0
Support a voluntary courtesy 0
Stop soprano getting enthralled by crazy diets 0
Something often required by salads is decoration 0
Some offenders in Fulham characterised by wrongdoing 0
Some French geek ultimately gets best type of computer 0
Shyness in manner shown by good person to boy in the end 0
Ship worker in charge on floating platform shows workmanship 0
See directors get somewhere to display information 0
Second sign of affection almost for winter sports equipment 0
Quiet hotel stopping concession has to close permanently 0
Principal part of New England, it’s said 0
Popular expression around firm for a means of contacting others 0
Penny followed by three bridge players into church seats 0
One that’s finished work on Hebridean island 0
Old estate for growing has no end of disinvestment? This makes things clear 0
North American stinger? Eccentric chewed it 0
Noise that resounds among fine choristers 0
Mark’s new director in authority 0
Lean on a set of newspapers? 0
Greek character devised a plot to acquire a small banger 0