The Guardian Quiptic Crossword

Woman adds moral centre to one down 0
Wines made from the skins of ripe dates 0
Where, in the first place, everyone did everything naked! 0
Tyrant reportedly close to opposition leader 0
Temple no location to hide retreating officer 0
Spike for working below mine 0
Soap company that is providing cover for Republican right 0
Outstanding report on fight that’s endless 0
One beats up lecturer during drunken spree 0
Moved on board, spearheaded by players 0
Moronic sap fabricated likeness 0
Light film location performing brilliantly 0
Intimate view of operation’s final act 0
Impractical advice for someone trying to economise 0
Immediately under pressure there 0
Gradually introduce argument during preliminaries 0
Fuss about drunken rep causing wreck 0
Fed up eating cheese? Find out what happened 0
Engineer tightens guard that’s not being used 0
Elbow Song broadcast __ it contains a winter scene 0
Dilapidated facility fell, when river dropped 0
Dealer acquires woven mats for author 0
Copied it totally, but only a part is the same again 0
Composer typical of America 0
Brightness perhaps lacking in flat 0
Brave types appear outside for one statement before risky venture 0
Beeb acts occasionally to create hit 0
Back final Derby finisher, say, having squandered lead 0
A cold sea ruined what a doctor has on 0
Weak US intelligence service maintaining average returns 0
Strange hymn about leaders of old men’s organisation __ it sounds the same 0
Sparkling brook Scotsman found in Bute, oddly 0
Separate Easter egg roughly 0
Sent a message about pet 0
Run after distant TV director? 0
Reserved area idiot rejected 0
Religious leader with time to talk and talk 0
Puffer at home gets healthier 0
Process of setter having tea with revolting wrong man 0
Perhaps Caterpillar tractor’s rear trapped in rock 0
Old lady returning with Heather into country 0
Obstacle regarding title 0
In the morning, tiny bit of amanatsu zest is fantastic 0
Improve on high graduate gets with drug 0
Facts show boxing master’s position 0
European, having arithmetical facility to make a list 0
Escape without love that’s keen 0
Equipment program a traitor bugs regularly 0
Dog Zeus initially hides in his hut, unexpectedly 0
Doctor Bear felt intern to be a brat 0