The Guardian Speedy Crossword

Volcano 0
Take the consequences of one’s actions 0
Tableware 0
Storage vault for bones 0
Part in a play; function 0
Official list 0
Long-billed water bird 0
Jumbled mixture 0
Harden metal by heating 0
Gain after expenses, tax etc. 0
Formal headgear (inf.) 0
Castrato 0
Broad-brimmed cowboy headgear 0
Be reluctant to act 0
Yakety Sax was the music for this comic’s chase scenes 0
Wooden souvenir, “matryoshka” in its country of origin 0
White-browed gibbon found in the northeast of India 0
What the final letter of LGBT stands for 0
To coil around or together 0
Title bestowed on Princess Margaret’s husband in 1961 0
Thracian gladiator who led a rebellion against Rome 0
The only tennis player ever to win two calendar year singles grand slams 0
The longest bones in human forearms 0
The Chinese ____ is the only reptile in its genus not native to North America 0
Teaching of his theory led to the infamous Scopes trial 0
Singer of the title song of the film Stand By Me 0
Sculptor whose most famous work is a bronze David 0
Scottish photographer known for his Kate Moss pictures 0
Saint Sebastian survived being shot with these projectiles 0
Primate with around 100 species, all native to the same island 0
Outermost major moon of Uranus, named after a fairy king 0
One of US comedian Richard ____’s best-known characters was Mudbone, a wino philosopher from Tupelo, Mississippi 0
Names like Magnusson, Fernandez and Mikhailovna 0
Name shared by the 1958 and 1960 FA Cup winners 0
Mood-stabilizing drug and 1992 hit single for Nirvana 0
Military courtroom drama in which Jack Nicholson’s character said Tom Cruise’s couldn’t handle the truth 0
Metaphorical substance which is usually pink in its real form 0
London residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury 0
Johnny ____ played Sick Boy in the film Trainspotting 0
John Grisham novel made into a 1994 Susan Sarandon film 0
Jane ____: an actress since the 1950s, and a cake maker with a brand of baking equipment 0
Italian spirit made from the residue from a winepress 0
Instrument George Formby used when cleaning windows? 0
In one of two spellings, a fragrant wild rose also called eglantine 0
Hindu deity sometimes represented as a cosmic dancer 0
Hat named after a George du Maurier character 0
French Trappist monks made the original version of this cheese 0
Foodstuff item called a “cream puff” in the US, often served with chocolate sauce 0
Douglas Adams’s Slartibartfast character designed part of this country 0
Don ____ played Philip Smith in Rising Damp 0