The Guardian Speedy Crossword

The Muslim Scriptures in Arabic 0
Temporary ban on an activity 0
South-west USA Native American village: city of Colorado 0
Of the highest quality: goes beyond 0
Reversion to a former type 0
Obsessive love of oneself 0
Fatal flaw in an otherwise admirable character 0
Flower giving its name to a shade of pink 0
Eremite 0
Dim bore (anag) 0
Develop faster than; become too large for 0
Deteriorated in condition 0
Crash 0
Destined to happen 0
Aristocrat ranking between marquess and viscount 0
Animal retreat 0
Ahead in time, order or degree 0
Achieve the required result 0
The __, Haydn oratorio 0
__ Berra (1925-2015), baseball player whose name was arguably adopted by a cartoon character 0
Verbatim report of UK parliamentary proceedings 0
Treelike tropical grass 0
Sweet ‘n’ hot? (anag) 0
Suffering similar circumstances 0
Stare in a stupid way 0
Strip of wood: stanza 0
Spike of frozen water 0
Specimen: display item 0
Scotland’s largest city 0
Show or bring in or out 0
Roman city destroyed in 79 AD 0
Particular point in time; second 0
Metaphor, allegory or analogy for example 0
Move in a twisting sinuous way 0
In music, a note equal to half a minim 0
Entrance; captivate 0
Draw liquid through a tube (either spelling) 0
Do something thoroughly, comprehensively 0
Complete: sum 0
Carrying board 0
Collar: pin 0
Caper: breathe noisily 0
Be delighted; celebrate 0
Action which backfires 0
Auditorium; amphitheatre 0
—— Churchill, French war heroine 0
Yapper? (anag) 0
Unrestrained group revelry 0
Tough youth of 1950s UK wearing Edwardian-style clothes 0
Trudged, stepped 0