The Guardian Weekend Crossword

__ Hour, Radio 4 show presented by Emma Barnett and others 0
__ 100, London stock market index 0
Where Radio 4 guests might listen to their favourite discs? 0
The __ of God, nickname given to Attila the Hun 0
The __ Head, publishing house founded in 1887 0
The antidote to panel games? (2,5,1,6,1,4) 0
Southern African antelope 0
Rotten __, track on the southern edge of Hyde Park in London 0
Professional dancer who partnered Rose Ayling-Ellis to victory in Strictly Come Dancing 2021 0
One of many puppet characters created by Jim Henson 0
Monty __, former England cricketer 0
Long-running Radio 4 series presented by Roger McGough 0
Great lake – and a city in Pennsylvania 0
Followers of historical materialism? 0
BBC Two sitcom that, unusually, was successfully adapted for Radio 4 0
Arizona town to which Christian Bale and Russell Crowe took the 3:10 in 2007? 0
A genre of story, often expressing how societies began 0
Marx’s writing partner 0
Jean ‘Binta’ __, poet whose works include The Arrival of Brighteye 0
What Kubla Khan decreed in Xanadu? 0
Ukrainian city captured by Russian forces in May 2022 0
Tube station on the Piccadilly line 0
The elected head of several Italian city-states 0
Sylvia __, poet who wrote The Bell Jar 0
River flowing through eastern Ukraine 0
Poem by 14 0
One way to measure the carbon footprint of what we eat 0
Nickname for Newcastle United fans 0
Maya __, poet whose autobiography was I Know Why the 13/2 Sings 0
Marx’s writing partner 0
Jean ‘Binta’ __, poet whose works include The Arrival of Brighteye 0
Dance band whose hits include Moving On Up (1993) 0
Commonly abbreviated name for the Ghent City Museum 0
Character played by Bebe Neuwirth in Cheers and Frasier 0
Carol Ann __, poet who wrote Words, Wide Night 0
Author of The Waste Land 0
Archaic form of address to male judges in the high court 0
A Danish prince – or an English village? 0
Popular name for the bark tissue of the Quercus suber 0
1983 crime movie starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Al Pacino 0
White paper from 1969 in which the UK Labour government proposed reform of trade union law 0
Walt __, US poet who sang ‘the body electric’? 0
US agency based in Langley, Virginia 0
Town from which protesters marched to London in 1936 0
The study of birds’ eggs 0
The chief mate on the Pequod in Moby-Dick 0
The author of several of the books of the New Testament? 0
Style of visual arts and architecture associated with the 1920s 0
State in north-eastern India 0
Poetic form named for the shape created by its seven lines 0