The Guardian Weekend Crossword

__ 100, London stock exchange index 0
Zimbabwe, pre-liberation 0
Vivien __, star of Gone With the Wind 0
Val Kilmer’s nickname in Top Gun (1986) 0
The __, celebrity restaurants in London and Los Angeles 0
The wife of Eros – or a deliberately deceptive bid 0
The capital of the Central African Republic 0
Setting for the final sprint of the Tour de France 0
Road and recording studio in London’s St John’s Wood 0
Religious festival remembering the exodus of Jews from Egypt 0
New York avenue passing through Times Square 0
Neologism for the use of e-cigarettes 0
Iconic Japanese mountain 0
Humanoid of whom Mr Spock is one in Star Trek 0
Hollywood avenue, site of Chateau Marmont and the Viper Room 0
German weekly newspaper of record 0
German philosopher, known for his Lectures on Aesthetics 0
Courtney __, musician who named her memoir Dirty Blonde ( 2006) 0
Common name for Dermacentor variabilis, a bloodsucking pest 0
Chemical element, atomic number 30 0
Building at the junction of 12, Park Row and Chambers Street 0
__ Codex, manuscript containing the unique copy of Beowulf 0
__ 5, novel by Hemingway 0
Where Rachel Carson described 5 in 1951 0
What Harry Champion, Peter Sellers and many others advised us to seek before we go to bed tonight? 0
US Army slang for a mess 0
Term for the political phenomenon that began in Tunisia in 2010 0
Obelism instructing a typesetter to ignore an edit 0
Number of leagues travelled under 5 by Jules Verne 0
Novel by John Banville (if once) or Iris Murdoch (if repeated) 0
Name given to the presumed original matter at the time of the Big Bang 0
Leaves of the bay tree, on which one should never rest? 0
Karen __, fashion designer and brand 0
Jean __, author of Good Morning, Midnight (1939) 0
Japanese industrial conglomerate whose name translates as Sunrise 0
Island on the Blackwater estuary in Essex 0
International vehicle registration code for South Africa 0
Crime investigators’ term for a criminal’s working habits 0
Bond novel and film 0
Bobby __, jazz musician known for advising us Don’t Worry, Be Happy 0
5 as described by 1 in a prequel to Jane Eyre 0
__ Monye, rugby player and broadcaster 0
__ & Sprungli, Swiss chocolatiers 0
Where John Mills dreamed of ice cold beer in 1958? 0
Town where Frances McDormand put up three billboards in 2017? 0
Town to which Russell Crowe and Christian Bale took the 3:10 in 2007? 0
Scholar for whom the EU’s student mobility programme is named 0
Renaissance artist whose self-portrait (1562) hangs in Madrid 0
Ob tributary 0
Nigel __, Welsh rugby referee 0