The Guardian Weekend Crossword

__ Rukh Khan, Bollywood actor 0
Yuri __, Soviet cosmonaut 0
What, in addition to fear, Hunter S Thompson felt in Las Vegas? 0
What happens, according to Yeats, when the centre cannot hold 0
Virginia town, home to the CIA 0
US broadcaster 0
The economic centre of Ivory Coast 0
Semi-precious form of silica 0
Ruth __, sculptor in whose honour the US Postal Service issued stamps in 2020 0
Royal title in the Indian subcontinent 0
River forming the border between the Central African Republic and the DRC 0
Rachel __ MP, shadow chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster 0
Name given to the scandal that overtook Westminster in 2009 0
Literary family from Yorkshire 0
How, according to Eliot, we felt here, in the old dispensation 0
Labour MP for Cynon Valley (1984-2019) 0
Bertie Wooster’s valet 0
Author of 19/23 and 1/3/17 0
Aneurin Bevan to friend and foe alike? 0
7/8’s country 0
What Don McLean drove to the levee? 0
Val Kilmer’s nickname in Top Gun 0
The __, Robert Conquest’s pioneering work on the Gulag system in the 9 0
The white whale? 0
Sir __ Chamberlain, brother of the more famous Neville 0
The only landlocked country in south-east Asia 0
Political union criticised in The 19 / 2 0
One of the disciplines in clay pigeon shooting 0
King of medieval legend? 0
Indian fast bowler, 2000-2014 0
Iranian city, home to the Shah Mosque 0
Host of the 2022 World Cup 0
Historic region and one-time member of the 9, capital Chisinau 0
Gemstones that owe their distinctive colour to chromium or vanadium 0
Former member of the 9, capital Tbilisi 0
Former member of the 9, capital Yerevan 0
Diane or Buster __, movie stars 0
Country that became independent of the 9 in 1991; capital Tallinn 0
Alcohol made from rice 0
Actor who starred as Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale 0
A citizen of the world’s largest landlocked country, perhaps 0
A composition, usually religious, for solo voices, chorus, and orchestra 0
Protoscience, one aim of which was to transmute base into noble metals 0
Peninsula in eastern Massachusetts 0
Pre-Columbian American empire 0
Paul __, French fin de siecle poet 0
Mollie __, actor who played Mrs Slocombe in Are You Being Served? 0
Maggi __, artist who created the commemoration of Mary Wollstonecraft in London N16 0
Judah’s son who, according to Genesis, was ‘evil in the sight of the Lord’ 0
London borough, once represented in part by Margaret Thatcher 0