The Sun Two Speed Crossword

To Royal Navy trouble is whirlwind 0
Three bridge players in silly feminine attire 0
Tailor takes a day with fitting 0
Song with spirit causes harm 0
Some approached in pain 0
Solo for boy on vibraphone at last 0
Setter has anger about EC idiot 0
Savagely violent 0
Rocking etc in old-time musical group 0
Protagonist in Roxburghe romance 0
Princess thought English expendable 0
Person next door 0
Mate to punch American 0
Lives and breathes 0
Lessee brought in often antsy 0
Is in set with six playing 0
Heard expression, crude perhaps, in confusion 0
Hang from gallows again? 0
Great asset in Colombo once 0
F note playing repeatedly 0
Enter age deceptively to get drink 0
Drink gallons where plastered member might be? 0
Criminal to us, Abel is perfect 0
Cricket skipper Joe also right back 0
Colonel’s gone wrong in German city 0
Clergyman hides a nuclear device 0
Cardigan and jumper 0
British ultra-sloshed and barbarous 0
Being beside oneself? 0
American off to Saturn? 0
Adult is trapped in feline affair 0
Wryly amusing 0
View admissions of debt as flippant 0
Unplaced horse 0
Sunshine changed temperature in army shack 0
Solidly built bunch of idiots? 0
Seat German chap in black mass 0
Rich Irish forged coin 0
Renaissance 0
Rare shock where Charlie enters 0
Publicise search for weapon 0
Posh sons, sleeping around, were cruel 0
Person in A&E for accommodation 0
Pellet gun 0
Passing mention? 0
One in 200 finding remedy? 0
On about profession in lounge 0
Old woman failed trial of marriage 0
Nuptial 0
Mistreated 0