The Sun Two Speed Crossword

Small horse for $25 0
Alison’s associate? 0
Use spoon in prison 0
Two notes on string producing harmony 0
Soup that fills pot up Brando drained 0
Romantic blooms 0
Processor to arrive right outside place 0
Polo mount 0
Pa and me three times making effort 0
One in Mali with it organised fighters 0
Nothing in belly brings complaint 0
Nameless constable smashed barrier 0
Liberal politician into the drink 0
King, venomous type, s-speaks hoarsely 0
Joint inflammation 0
Infant in pose outside a Post Office 0
Flowers came up on Sunday 0
Filing tools 0
Endeavour 0
Disrespectful cheek: loudly gasp about that 0
Devil almost holding on for musical work 0
Cosy dancing with pal in Caribbean song 0
Company board corrupt in Spanish location 0
Classical piece 0
Carnage in service by Israeli port 0
Aquatic creature skunk beheaded 0
Alison’s associate? 0
Ace Frenchman in clear prepared sweet 0
A cello playing in the vicinity 0
Some scampi eaten in dish 0
Second murder in facility 0
Ramble aimlessly 0
Proficiency 0
Path is drenched in beer 0
One feels soldier needs girl back 0
Olympic competition 0
Officer getting a rough ride on ship 0
Ministerial assistant 0
Lure of French affectedly shy 0
Leave vehicle in flames 0
In Beirut perhaps an inhabitant there? 0
Follow winding course newly renamed 0
First-rate dispute drained adviser 0
Fabric light with no backing 0
Essential when climbing to get fruit 0
Drunk latched on for contest 0
Complaint received by The Listener? 0
City-dweller 0
Apprehend in Osnaburgh 0
Ape is strange colour 0