The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword

Work over short speech of gratitude before getting to food 0
You know if you’ve got it 0
Two groups of politicians to accommodate or a lot of researchers here 0
Title that reads the same backwards 0
This person’s popular, being embraced by yours truly 0
They could be redirected to a star/sun? 0
The fairy-tale king Hans had one, being Christian 0
Southern elite journalist was crying? 0
Second person with no starter to eat? Most immature 0
Scoffs as regatta’s jettisoning odd entries 0
Reserve suite but confused about street briefly 0
Release article on part of speech __ stick with it 0
Posed with one’s works, revealed as adequate 0
Quiet before and after riot __ disorderly but not very long 0
Objects, seeing lies getting Victor kicked out for tango 0
Notebooks unopened? They’re probably out swimming and running around 0
Love and desire gripping student __ would that be wise? 0
Investigation of lariat rope-running heading to the West 0
Incisiveness, let’s say, of French revolutionary 0
I invested in mobile top-up loan for residents 0
Going on and on, getting cross inside and outside 0
Fit it up in renovated chalet 0
Flirt with depression in Yorkshire? Book twice for lodging 0
Film finishes early __ drive away 0
Estimate speed toll 0
Common to find extra starting price studied 0
Case of Clarins tan certain to cover it 0
Building engineer scorning TUC needing time to break 0
Unorthodox belief in this place starts to surprise you 0
Two letters providing identification up above chart 0
Try changing horribly insane bully 0
The French General with record no one acclaimed 0
Stop short, needing money for accommodation 0
Some travelling round in groups to get basic education 0
Soldiers with poem at start of one church opening 0
See groups backing Conservative in small rooms 0
Set off, having appointment outside famous school 0
Proposal sent electronically creating strong feeling? 0
Overalls getting messy stuff are finally made spotless 0
Outside pub Carol is being a naughty girl? 0
Old car for fellow up in the Dales? 0
Most meagre home for bird on meadow 0
Merit of paper’s boss returning to do adequate job 0
Learner being kept in that is least likely to make an effort 0
Little son acting badly and making false pretences 0
Laze around in endless postprandial rest? Most disgraceful! 0
Joined in group in Indian river, almost died 0
Good past making one happy 0
Film regularly aired introduced by short sharp blasts 0
Fearless international agent with notion only half formed 0