The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword

Wind cannot tug sailor hats off 0
This must be detailed with each burglary? 0
Where a map-reader’s only way is up 0
They learn of the sun’s trapping carbon and hydrogen 0
Star’s bedtime 0
One giving party among toffs’ set, so hard up 0
Rows hard, first to last 0
Occasionally witnessed teen’s grim need for something to drive 0
Official in black who regularly sends people off 0
Most natural in Spain __ snooze showing bottom on top! 0
Nanny’s gold shoes, perhaps 0
Model that’s still on display 0
Longin’ to steal thousand grand and drink to celebrate? 0
Insect hovering around door maybe causing rage 0
King eludes one of his followers in darkness 0
In France nothing is put in to back the East 0
Inflexible international organisation British close 0
Head of force in demand over church security 0
Heard insects in leaves 0
Football people cross supporting United __ dad’s mistake 0
Guitarist’s effect, lot more distorted 0
Earlier church official 0
Eccentric hobby is not polite 0
Criminal bail a nun furnishes once in six months? 0
Detective’s area is murder 0
Ace evening with no one spreading retribution 0
As a bowler’s jettisoned with little justification? (2,3,4,2,1,3) 0
‘Heart of Moral Man’ a cert for book of the year 0
Worker so very loud? Keep away! 0
Usual line taken by operatic woman 0
Tradesfolk start to supply drinks for church 0
The lady died in Slough 0
Stylish and unusual tea chest seen around India 0
Stupid person presenting pudding to the Queen 0
Something to eat and drink quietly 0
Some preventing upset with word of denial 0
Prohibit nothing following check 0
Players supporting children without parents? 0
Plants gone wild within slanted line 0
One who will say prayers in correct order 0
Map finally needs east-west indication? That is obvious! 0
Herd suffering with sleet to be put in barn? 0
Good indoor workers maybe heading off to be field workers 0
Get right into a seat __ with legs thus? 0
First letter to the Corinthians 0
Fellow on journey finds fruit 0
Favoured worker collecting garment for resident 0
Embarrassed performer? One may have changed the text 0
Dogs, about fifty __ they have arrived in new homes 0
Damned awful dogs set on journalist 0