The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword

Worked out commitment daily at first 0
What fat could be dripping? 0
Well-known demon or spirit 0
Understood inexperience must lack boundaries 0
They may offer access to fast track 0
Such messages mostly mislead criminal 0
Story of silver buried in South America 0
Short incisive position in ballet 0
Set apart from one’s love, in arrears 0
Rumour of underground workers and those unable to vote 0
Rails about the girl’s smoking choices 0
Prevention keeps up at any time 0
Poor American showing effect of working in the sun? 0
Nick may be up to this if good enough 0
Moving apart to keep four oddly in proportion 0
Men working on rough seas as a group 0
Lift projection 0
Keep a record of feminine fury that generates heat 0
Independent check kept by socialist, fascinated 0
Former housekeeper’s friendly conversation with girl 0
Fancy __ possibly late Norman 0
Excitement about piece of news 0
Doctor bears out subversive 0
Disputed titles will contain duty, providing definitive trial 0
Cooked meat must be included in supply 0
Bus lanes redesigned across east and south generating capability 0
Bits of shell from planes flying across there regularly 0
Able to move having discovered files supporting disorderly crowd 0
A friend on manuscript for POTUS, etc? 0
With nag, husband’s left more disagreeable 0
Will producer examine a rocky hill? 0
Wants variable income 0
Urge to increase small exercises 0
Transport quick to turn up 0
Teach artist without money? On the contrary 0
Swindled Conservative departs furious 0
Spots note inside card 0
Some complain a workman’s climbing tree 0
Smashing book about what Charles has become? 0
Scant leaves on a regular basis — is plant OK? 0
Pressure on each group of teachers formerly to get something to eat 0
Person who doesn’t want company car finally going after large one 0
Lower centre of dartboard 0
Laud new attempt to cover last of one’s unfaithfulness 0
Keep sea vessel outside area 0
Instrument I love endlessly playing at home 0
Host a ball, following food 0
Had to remove top and make uniform good enough 0
Found squeezing European’s heavenly body 0
Fish after parking and dad’s picked up tackle 0