The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword

William is able to cook in this vessel 0
Vessel preferably parked outside church 0
Thrill of quote by former partner 0
This might cut swan with broken neck if not caught 0
Talk about right before consumer finds jumper 0
Studies underpinning rise of tabloid plots 0
State officers originally provide crew 0
Spike may be mistaken getting power for women 0
Sort of business college once attached to Doctor No 0
Small and delicate female found in river flowing west 0
Shared objectives may produce shock problem 0
Prone to drink plonk, taking cap off 0
Pointed remarks from lawyers with briefs lacking content 0
Parking on road the wrong way is punishable in law 0
Occasionally calm second rounds 0
Light transport such as tank, for example 0
Language of Zulu arrested by an investigating officer 0
Impressive carriage in attendance 0
Hit back at volunteers employed by online seller making a comeback 0
Gold in toilet facility for the president of the yacht club! 0
Flood coming from fissure under hill 0
Financial institution ruins new queen 0
Doorstep millions holding stickers up 0
Direct view of Spooner’s indication of dawn? 0
Cue from soldiers and bodyguard 0
Caution from coppers covering game day 0
Blunt point 0
Basket supplying unboxed fizz! 0
Arab bitterness about spiritual leader 0
A proviso arranged about university as a layer perhaps 0
What smoker might have that’s not as serious? 0
Trip with former partner and dog having commotion (almost) on the way back 0
Sweet creature seen around Arkansas 0
Staff turn to get fruit 0
Security device gets secretary and student in place of those accused 0
Scotsman behind whisky dispenser? Get some glasses here! 0
Satan getting confused __ he brings presents! 0
Sacred performance on the radio __ it’s true 0
Reproduced sound from Saudi office 0
Provide small space, initially, to sleep 0
Powder smuggled into eastern tattoo salon 0
Partner-in-crime caught in police camera (only half working) 0
Moulding and shaping a star female 0
Mimicking a request to self-isolate? 0
Maybe princess’s group of deputies on ship strip? 0
Living thing (northern one) in immoderate excitement 0
It’s obvious and merited __ reportedly, it’s reversed! 0
I have a go at the French attempt to worship image 0
Headgear given to Oscar for playing bridge? 0
German after old Mexican food 0