The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword

Writer of a hot novel about upper-class Romeo 0
World famine beginning to be ignored 0
Visiting Hull’s outskirts, books European place to stay 0
Very simple task comedian will read out 0
Vain character from top firm about to be employed 0
The plane mistaken for jumbo 0
Stupid honour essentially elitist American wears 0
Somehow leave education following complaint ultimately that’s raised 0
Some footballer in Austria, one displaying elegant movement? 0
Shoot advertisement 0
Promise of ketchup at last appearing on shelf 0
Penny loves being inspired by organ lessons primarily in city 0
Missing worker rings bosses from time to time 0
Minor routes leading to Eastern holiday location 0
Lots keen to change basic scheme 0
Gift from foreign criminal female intercepts 0
Fruit and vegetable wholesaler’s closing 0
Fast food picked up for townsfolk 0
Expression of annoyance from celebrity performing U-turn 0
Every one entering bar is willing to learn 0
European bridge, one over a road 0
Dicky, grounded little man? 0
Deny receiving grand for time in resort 0
Continuous performance 0
College study describing king’s mythical creature 0
Castle in France with turrets is periodically housing soldiers 0
Biscuit is extremely vile after regularly adding yeast to it 0
At no time content to postpone verdict 0
Argentinian president, about to depart, united country 0
Answer by friend upset cleric, causing fuss 0
Anger between husband and son results in charges 0
Air of sailor briefly showing temper 0
Waspish matron fussing round head of department 0
Varnish the woman will put on account 0
Unusually a pretty cold old reptile 0
Starved, destined to eat last of scraps 0
Sopranos broadcast missing a ‘godfather’ 0
Something tasteless or dull getting eaten initially 0
Small instrument for cutting 0
Singer’s note for the audience 0
Sense a battle with European head 0
Score with men helping around box 0
Sat on back of bronco here? 0
Risk tip on needle 0
Queen maybe describes this compiler’s band 0
Perhaps Titian nude for sketch again 0
Old actress learning name 0
Most faithful perplexed about lock 0
More cutting on board making tapas? 0
Millions laugh, talking about Blitz 0