The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword

Wind remained fickle, lacking intensity initially 0
Wife placed on town’s tip putrid rubbish 0
Unhappy, this writer’s upset over Queen wearing fur 0
Uncontrolled hatred, common element throughout story 0
Time of year for demonstration? 0
Ten entering a church in Devon town 0
Stupid action she condemned as naive 0
Small vegetable, smooth in appearance 0
Runner runs left across island, alongside verge 0
Proposition that he or employer will accept 0
Oscar escapes mounting disturbances and commotion 0
One responsible for lots being sold? 0
Note producers — they might be tickled! 0
Member of Weight Watchers, German chap? 0
Longed to dress Rob in such a suit 0
Leading man, extremely handsome Romeo, content to leave 0
Issue of revolting magazine 0
Individual cycling qualification 0
Go around a metropolis mostly tight-lipped 0
Girl is sort to go topless 0
Excellent band getting exposure 0
Echo smart address chosen regularly for fellow soldiers 0
Consequences of that farmer virtually being drunk 0
Change design reportedly for entrance to football stadium? 0
Bright pink apron mum Penny possesses 0
Best friend supporting United let rip occasionally 0
Ancient people, practitioners of tattoo art some said? 0
American negotiated, hard up and visibly embarrassed 0
Achievement by that woman is something insignificant 0
Working day kept by choice 0
Travel from airport with engine loose 0
This compiler’s occasionally obtuser fill 0
Some fancy an idea to give poison 0
Single’s in line for ecstasy 0
Show from stripper for man celebrating 0
Series including Queen and Country 0
Sailor messed with crew before temperature drop 0
Returning, did test again: shocker! 0
Resin extract largely employed making ink initially 0
Reportedly warm flour mixture making bread 0
One sketches design, originally more basic 0
Old relative seen in romance story 0
Number Ten ace has it refurbished 0
Musical Oliver! finally worked reflecting story 0
Mislead party on quota issue 0
Maybe heart of gold with plague over 0
Lug around empty garbage getting impatient 0
Labour leader of Sunday Express? 0
Intended to hold name back 0
Green site turning plain 0