The Telegraph Toughie Crossword

Witty lines from church worker pruned by hack 0
What’s left side when cycling into Champs Elysees? 0
Unknown tucks in regularly on promo for this bean 0
Travellers loaded black box below particular article 0
Three lines husband put on road margins finally to park Daihatsu 0
Sun maybe one newspaper seen by quiet workers 0
Some celebrities being so scatty lose ID repeatedly 0
Small growth in hernia’s no bother after receding 0
Parisian who probes top lunch where food’s lacking 0
One who toyed with spoon, breaking food to feed baby? 0
Old relative embraces exercise class that’s brought back leotard? 0
New cracks in the lead — pull and disconnect! 0
Musical group departed with cover of Let It Be? 0
Monkey learning to beg 0
Help students with half-spilt beer that’s picked up at last orders? 0
Get rid of ancient Scot perhaps in show 0
Game at home here arranged during recent erecting 0
Expert reformed zoo in little time, shortly relating to primitive life 0
Exit needed for one unopened lock 0
Day that’s added to spring 0
Copy clothing line that’s in linen 0
Committee’s suspect, passing allowance that disregards volunteers 0
Chopper accidentally set on fire 0
Buttons might be in this receptacle, closed 0
Back-to-back vermouths consumed by card player — most droll 0
As Wolves are promoted, business rakes it in 0
Although getting married in USA, perversely Dave’s partner comes later 0
Acting brethren, given top half, fit uniform 0
& 18 Across Frank describes unidentified film (2,3,8,6,7) 0
What’s commercial TV read out? 0
What Americana! Velvet trousers, cut-off cords (one of them) 0
Vessel of ale containing a third of keg 0
Values carpets 0
Synthetic material to make e.g. cakes low in calories 0
Standing stone American tours regularly 0
Save lamb to roast, eating starters for family events for Easter? 0
Royal bride in California’s beginning to get covered by newspapers 0
Renovate most of home, and he’ll provide the raw materials 0
Recommends online brides? 0
Only child has this revolutionary American browser 0
One subject to ridicule trapped in genuine contradiction 0
Old revue adapted to make artistic work 0
Moss Bros arranged 25% off everything __ Queen pops in for a hat 0
Merry session around east end of London’s curiosity 0
Measure archer’s speed? You need to take the long view 0
Male pride damaged on the surface 0
It’s anticlimactic as nobody lets off steam 0
Follow legal case that’s put on for training purposes 0
English spar, showing wit 0
Double blow for supporters 0