The Telegraph Toughie Crossword

Woman’s disgusted about losing Charlie’s delivery of smack 0
Waste energy on half-hearted wife 0
Unobtrusively ‘discovered’ another oddball heading Question Time 0
Single nest spotted in run around island 0
Ripped up vacuous exam over a rhetorical question 0
Order to ignore the port? 0
One will cut devious histrionics from five onwards? 0
Musicians so-so — bit patchy 0
Mostly mischievous war parties 0
Month to get brown in 45 degrees 0
Method of choice covering specific period 0
Maybe Oxford manufacturer is stronger, having exported the first ton 0
Material complaint following infection deaths reported among drivers 0
Make bad blood when reflecting on a quick communication 0
Looking back in some secret rooms 0
Let back in US college for supporting study 0
Knife found in pub just after midnight? 0
Hoi polloi split by army regulars, by the way 0
Having more of these, you must want more 0
Half-hearted regime overthrown, broken by power 0
Drunk embracing the setter has to go on a spree 0
Did groom feign missing tango when touring Spain? 0
Cords for making jumpers fit 0
Closely follow pretence circulating these days 0
Caught cutting ecstasy, say ;-) ? 0
Becoming fond of rebuke that ousts Left 0
Apparently where trap is centrepiece in terrorist attack (2,3,4,2,2) 0
Ambassador behind ceremonial transport 0
Trailing about somewhat to find bones 0
Touch screens regularly finding applications 0
Sign from second corporation to land on moon? 0
Secure both ends of excavation on slope 0
Second assailant sets about shop worker 0
Sealed item Charles almost smashed 0
Rock bottom? Well, I’m a lot different 0
Poach trout to begin with, adding last of asparagus spears chopped up 0
Party time on tick? 0
P’s out of training? 0
Naive girl, enmeshed by the setter’s importuning, bolted from time to time 0
Mo preserves bronze with fallen head 0
Margaret breaking scholar Giovanni’s heart? It strikes a chord 0
Loop back within Cork with son to see 10 0
Impromptus, primarily from Alexander Scriabin, including early pieces from Debussy, Liszt, Ibert and Bartok 0
How to conserve and raise exotic 10? 0
Head’s rested on this rugby ball perhaps — that hurt! 0
Guy auditioned in armour 0
Brownie in crowd returning to base as before 0
Asleep uncomfortably in wood 0
Absconders are still in France, approaching south 0
10’s warm and dry hands 0