The Telegraph Toughie Crossword

Starchy food as starter will do, we’re told 0
Soldiery’s top-level threat 0
Secure lab location: in this country, nothing’s lower 0
Pub situated in a part of Harrow 0
Pulse down, at the outset too short 0
One getting stuck in, centenary parties so expansive? 0
Person having to suffer American playwright (1’5) 0
Near centre of forest it leads right 0
Odd bits of what you can have but not eat that I do not like! 0
Motion formerly carried by marrying Scott and Janis? 0
Mr Pirrip’s sorry about at least one revelation 0
Monkey occupying what must be reserved for clinger 0
More happening around Lent; thus shot game 0
Is kidnapped by second of two to bring about charge 0
Like some knickers, perhaps __ though clearly not new! 0
Hero of Western music man embarks on an affair 0
I am basically taught to follow university script? 0
Former Labour Minister freed from Civil Service shackles? 0
Groom’s bunch of straw __ or strap, when this? 0
Explosive kick can set up breaks 0
Facilitators of network’s current activity discuss ESP __ any sense including it in review? 0
Efficient ways to live in advanced years, after retirement 0
Essentially get kid to order some drinks __ and down nine? 0
Cross about Beyeler’s principal, not one framing Water Lilies 0
Daughter escapes seething cauldron that’s a Spanish city 0
Bearer of saffron shaking off American reptile 0
Brief high-pitched sound carried by Uncle Sam’s transmitters 0
Author beat it with love for faithful wife 0
Waste time after wise man embraces wife 0
Vacuous, some vague ramble gets you violent 0
Unwanted bugs sting initially 0
Trust former sweetheart to hang around clubs 0
Tortilla, avocado, cheese, onion, all as starter? 0
To burn perhaps, this is often split 0
Taking time for one humble intellectual 0
Spending’s first, reportedly, to show generosity 0
Strip from guy without naked scenes 0
Schwarzenegger, say, accepting lead of famous baddie 0
Philosopher some philosopher trashed on reflection 0
Organised Church welcomes support raised for Rapture 0
One makes music and drink around gutted boozer 0
Man missing tackle? 0
Little planning from recidivistic criminal 0
Laws take bent essentially in stir 0
Land Army changing sides to begin 0
Independent published about politician being weak 0
Haggard woman adopting pet, possibly hurt 0
Go up to get prize? 0
Game over with cut lifted 0
Friendly, even with cold interior 0