The Telegraph Toughie Crossword

Worker in timeless place of worship penning detailed proclamation 0
Sub-post office rejected sensible legal documents 0
Smorgasbord in Polish and in French 0
Sitcom star 0
Simple and effective coat of polish for grand trunk __ and its owner? 0
Revolutionary chat after extra time and one could end up in hot water 0
Retiring Hammy Hamster-like creature after the first book 0
One small fireplace 0
Occasional content for radio inspired by rotating crops 0
Oblique art about poetry 0
Memphis rocked after Elvis’s first high-class number one, say 0
Making equine data jockey will be wanting 0
Make for Italy, that’s suffering coastal erosion 0
Hotel prepared real, protein-rich seeds but not on account of this clown 0
Held in the button __ turned over TV 0
Half of Mark’s gamble 0
Ground supplied by river heading away from spring, perhaps 0
Every now and then Aztecs ate relish 0
Embargo article when family reveals potential hazard 0
Diagnose current depression __ condition society ultimately supports 0
Dawn __ possibly after escort will suspiciously disappear 0
Dance most of jig in front of empty venue 0
Criminal fake fur trades 0
Commend European vote to Lords, initially 0
Cancelled edition after warning us regularly __ all except the leader 0
Bound to apply 1p discount to sticky sweet 0
America, say, brought up tradition 0
Absorb some of Rob’s essay … 0
… Rob’s essay reportedly covering the disheartened Left 0
Time to relax in Hawaii, garland guaranteed 0
The plane in flight, a jumbo 0
Stands while stuffing fish 0
Some pale echo for a doctor 0
Smoke heroin, as St George did? 0
Sign of progress where nursing is concerned 0
Rose-lit resort? 0
Reporter’s evaluation for show 0
Presidential vehicle appearing in The Chase 0
Outfit used in endless sex found by southern police abroad 0
Midlander beginning to broadcast game, we hear 0
Lower quarters for yachting week 0
Lights out here in France, it’s decreed 0
Let sleeping dogs lie in desert, completely isolated 0
Let out once or twice 0
Last bit of a 27 covers it 0
Land tortoise quietly pushed off 0
It helps asthmatics in hospital with real shivers 0
High car, or hire car the Spanish returned 0
Gangster with drink, wearing his hat inside? 0
Drink. Another, almost perfection 0