The Telegraph Toughie Crossword

Winger from Oxford United scores early on — Rochdale successful finally 0
Top game from Verdi, a Bolognese by extraction 0
Those oysters go off, they say 0
Tending to quaver below sheep track, perhaps, when climbing 0
Stem or stalk pruned 0
Steal the show in hill climb on the Tour? 0
Six-footer’s remarkable stamina — there’s only one answer to that! 0
Republican parts very much earlier in 13 0
Receiving no satisfaction from a French program, took it gently 0
Passage of time following Ms Lupino’s retirement 0
One decides to unite with bill embracing resistance 0
Miss Fitzgerald, we hear, is going to the Big Apple, appearing in variety 0
Might cast members be childhood chums? 0
Maybe three adjacent diamonds rank above hearts in Jack’s judgement? 0
Inclination to stop working in conveyance 0
Little choir in stew with church for 13 0
Inactive husband with terrible flu’s next to window 0
I’m a fall guy, thrown around right into 13 0
Hardy sergeant’s weight 0
During troublesome teens, Miss Malone reportedly obtains calmatives 0
Drastic cut by base 0
Doctor, doctor — I’d come! 0
Component of not-so-ordinary reversible bed 0
Close friend of Edward, say, enthralled by voice 0
Chase puss into the empty dock 0
Bone of contention among alumni? I’m staying out of it! 0
Birds in boaters? 0
Another mug Mum shattered I put in 13 0
Villainy of Russian seen all over the place 0
Various teashops around university? They offer something stronger than tea 0
Travels made by band beginning to end 0
Surprising additional charge for coat? 0
Spirited lasses left out of religious retreats 0
See deer dance by river 0
Salt I love to put on fruit 0
Rash guy from Austin maybe heading off with the old woman 0
Provision for boater after journey home? 0
New manual on etiquette originally provided for former students 0
Male meeting female — it comes after party, bringing distress 0
Like our boss, wanting slave ultimately for excessive exploitation 0
Intertwine branches of fruit tree across short line 0
Hang about after accident — not good sort of road 0
Group in fiery furnace, say, featuring in article about religious lessons 0
French department store’s customer? 0
Fortification brought to light by archaeologist? 0
Former lady in Parliament? Bright star, but no leader 0
Fellow losing head interrupting players before start of Ashes game 0
Fashionable society? Spooner’s cut connection 0
Fantasy of fear doubled at the end 0
Daughter is left to play about 0