The Telegraph Toughie Crossword

Whisky drinks deal with staff bullying 0
Urge two universities to support Independent politician 0
Suspect Saul is occupied by what one might do to hide concubine 0
Spooner’s storyteller embellished form of language 0
Spin doctor ultimately abandons threatening piece? 0
Smart wife had picked up fighter 0
Skulked around before inspiring member of parliament departs 0
Put back in part of degree lectures 0
Purge has a tendency to divide religious establishment 0
Pick up leads for ecstasy criminals trafficked on county lines 0
Perhaps became prone to compensate too much for daughter 0
Part of wall-to-wall coverage includes start of tennis championship 0
Old college about to introduce programmes involving several language units 0
Her eldest could be mistaken for Lee 0
Having removed source of anxiety, doctor clears up doubt 0
Having chosen tight top and flares with no jacket, put on thin coat 0
Foolish lady swallows dubious ruses without question 0
Emergence of main competitor outside of China 0
Elegant letter incorporates overlapping lines 0
Do awful things to note on instrument 0
Disheartened partner accepts second hopeless case 0
Discharge rates oddly ignored in contamination of Great Lakes 0
Dependent on article found in literature 0
Closely examine report of newspaper delivery 0
Brilliant deputy head obtains the highest degree, except for one student 0
Bill for developing part of plant 0
Become confused backing up some field data 0
Battery connected to trace of optical instrument 0
What, in court, recalled convalescence? 0
Tidy after uniform’s put away? Not yet 0
Suited with tie and, primarily, evening dress 0
Sub-24-hour case completely obvious when one’s arrested 0
Stomach problem? 0
Son, ignoring fine, restrains dogs 0
Sociable guy at first argues about investing old capital 0
Show behind time, one leaving agitation 0
Rake new riverside port 0
Queen of Carthage arguably lazed? 0
Picked up Cockney who is getting over drink 0
Perhaps Edinburgh University Press called by Thursday 0
One might amend section of flight around outskirts of Venice when heading north 0
One famous key suspect in compiler’s book? 0
Nick’s Kindle found in Turkey 0
Livid Tory 0
Labour uprising crushing most unpleasant polled assembly of Young Cons? 0
Knocking sound due to rising oil temperature 0
Jazz fan banned from Mexican state capital 0
Helping to secure backed-up sled order 0
Hacks New Orleans in, say, Mardi Gras’ finale 0
Former hospital north of state capital tackling oxygen fatigue 0