The Times Cryptic Crossword

Woman’s husband entering compound 0
Stale old joke involving golden-brown horse 0
Small fish producing appalling smell 0
Slow mover upsetting to Tories 0
Self-satisfied, giving sweets up 0
Ready to accept English chef’s first guide to food preparation 0
Pith helmet, best quality one 0
Piece of furniture you reportedly can set up 0
Nose around primarily with doctor, finding spring flower 0
Necromancer’s errors unexpectedly overwhelming church 0
Mind vehicle at end of avenue 0
Knight leaves Scottish island for western US state 0
Inflorescence identified by Tom and family 0
Hang about for hearing, having influence 0
Girl unknown in part of New England 0
For example, Oscar’s sense of self-importance 0
Draw out? It’s not allowed, we hear 0
Direct course of male ox 0
Dimwit’s stupefying drug 0
Cut out for duty 0
Catch sight of article, displaying fury 0
Buffer created by E European monarch 0
Box only initially missing from humorous drawing 0
Argumentative type on the river? 0
A head turning to a starchy tuber 0
Working together with popular broadcast’s founder? 0
Willing to support objective when mate approaches? 0
What makes ham have harmful ingredient! 0
Vital Geordie heads for Fleet Street? 0
Urge to behave amorously that’s taken up at breakfast? 0
Understood fellow had one position to complete 0
Time to take in film, ensconced in Peg’s sofa 0
The usual sandwiches put out with a spicy snack 0
Substitute pops note with flyer inside ladder 0
Reporter from NSW wrestling with name 0
Recent order he dispatched for type of hat? 0
Price of flat, one brother’s acquired 0
Poet, second Graves, maybe, eclipsing Smart 0
Peninsula in America __ gas found within thousand kilometre area 0
One with craft capsizing in ocean as it rains 0
Once yours truly’s heading inside, nearly everyone heads there 0
Maybe fighter’s fitness trainer who is unusually small 0
Man in charge and boy inside: equal before the law? 0
Lock where key may be found a hindrance 0
Letter abroad recalled very different times 0
Failure overtakes our team again? 0
Country having long border where you find it 0
China of the future, maybe, appeared a friend of America 0
Build hotel by Yankee Stadium’s entrance? Irritation all round 0
Breather? Gas fitter needs one at the start 0