The Times Cryptic Crossword

Start assault 0
Song from the past, covered by Scaffold, I enjoyed 0
Right about source of sonic boom 0
Rested on side, if abnormally happy 0
Reserve needed by Celtic eleven 0
Proposition made by Greek boy concerning end of term? 0
Presumption about Republican’s indiscretion 0
Mail written copy as an afterthought 0
Lid for jars, ornate 0
Leave, on bar, picture 0
Keep check, receiving thanks 0
I’d recalled minister’s residence in catalogue 0
Huge insect on mother, beginning to move 0
Fruit, mostly tropical, canned 0
Friend knocking drink back 0
Fold up show in area 0
Fielder from Durham, ultimately, I assume 0
Fee daughter considered 0
Drink drop of malt after game 0
Difficult question from model, right? 0
Dance salsas and mambos __ big ask, initially 0
Cop __ male cop in complex 0
Character cutting could be a gambler who cheats 0
Caution one finally leaving vehicle 0
What’s central to Beijing, according to China 0
What has London banks acting badly during trial, mostly 0
Well fixed, like some hinges 0
Water, or where to buy something to hold it? 0
Those new to management of eg estate occupying old riverside 0
Take hardly any time to find girl 0
Secretaries tease one persistently snappy crowd 0
Returns home with invitation to attend? 0
Record not the first for Middle America? 0
Rabbit escaping from hawks? 0
Questions that deal with inflation 0
One books royal contest, with audience 0
Not the one to upset Rosemary, perhaps, in short 0
Most lucky mother’s self-introduction, returning to be hugged by kid 0
Man turned up with sentry, polishing off the odd half 0
Make off before the judge stands 0
Low mental age not normally needed for sport 0
Lens closed twice, capturing elephant zapping insect 0
Large crowd up for exciting tournament 0
Island house __ unfinished hut on poles 0
Is seen when swimming (or drunk?) 0
Dress code’s solution perhaps for one often depressed 0
Came to A&E impaled on cooking utensil 0
Border community needing assistance commonly when old 0
Am using my 22 here? 0
Admits a last letter translated for dissident press 0