The Times Cryptic Crossword

Young attendant, quiet and mature 0
Woollies turned up on large romantic couple 0
Will sever nuts to provide revolving part? 0
Vulgar Yankee old boy found by mistake 0
Top military officers thought of as bold? 0
The lady wandering, so very pale? 0
Tarquin flustered at first later becoming calm 0
Some sunbathe? Sit at eateries? Don’t all rush! 0
Shop finally directs petitions 0
River discovered by Rex, camping? 0
Prepare to smoke? Ray finished 0
Potato dish consumed in quiet: it’s a great success! 0
Old fellow in ME sultanate 0
Nude appearing in club at last, live 0
N Ireland originally let in no goals? 0
Minds children in small sections crossing gorge briefly 0
Little Christopher’s equipment 0
I’m turning red, including yarns, primarily? 0
Heard bell tolling for Ms Gwyn? 0
Half-hearted “yes” from Ruth, thought to be oddly absent 0
Fish to catch for Judy? 0
Eager to display grief 0
Discharge fellow into alcoholic drink 0
Dally outrageously with hip girl 0
Curiosity moving friend ultimately to DIY 0
Bargain-hunters her gals, out to claim goods primarily 0
When embarrassment becomes evident, initially? 0
Unsubtle alternative to the key ingredient in fried fish, in metric weight 0
Two spells of illness, between which a complete shift 0
To split hairs can upset something ground-breaking 0
Tailored fragments for pagan 0
Strain loading contents of short chest 0
Stick a short gun in more efficiently when sawn-off 0
Spirit in bottle in Egypt arising 0
Something to deal with in hospital delivery 0
Shetland island qualified as rocky 0
Relative value not nice, odd bits thrown away 0
Pitch black: zero light initially when getting up 0
More than one wood ending in gunwale carried by 15th-century ship 0
Mock swimmer 0
Lend setter, for example, audio equipment 0
I hand over beer in metric weight for African challenger? 0
Filter problem 0
Examiner with case of coursework entering lift 0
Endless exercising beneath one __ what’s the alternative? 0
Eager to get area in country evacuated 0
Doctor on leave gets dope from Australia 0
Disappointed expression of Finn, perhaps, aboard vessel 0
Component with unknown function 0
Cargo ship carrying quality plant 0