The Times Specialist Crossword

____ water is normally found in river estuaries 0
Word that can follow coconut, fiddler and spider 0
Very upset by something 0
Vaclav ____ was the last president of Czechoslovakia 0
TV quiz round in which a klaxon is often heard 0
To ____ something is to make it possible 0
To make someone popular 0
The ____ Mark 2 was seen in Inspector Morse and Withnail and I 0
The ____ is a possible target for a cricket bowler 0
The oxide yellowcake is often made in ____ production 0
The instrument played by Leon Goossens and Heinz Holliger 0
The F in FBI 0
Statesman revered in both Taiwan and communist China 0
St Petersburg’s Church of the Saviour ____ was built where Alexander II was assassinated in 1881 0
Someone who ____ someone else fills their role 0
Small but aggressive European fish, with a large dorsal fin 0
Perversely named body of water in Kensington Gardens 0
One ____ is about 0.0175 radians 0
Most of this island is on map 1 in the OS Landranger series 0
More formally, the pips 0
Mathematician John ____’s best-known idea was, in his own words, “representing propositions by inclusive and exclusive circles” 0
Javanese staple protein, a fermented soya bean product 0
In three of golf’s four majors, this describes a second playoff if it’s needed 0
In the Ehrenstein illusion, a square on ____ circles seems to have curved sides 0
Ian ____ wrote the Inspector Rebus crime novels 0
Historically, an eastern European lancer 0
Fruit named after a body part 0
Former medium for transmitting stock price information 0
Forename of at least two female ministers in 21st-century Conservative governments 0
Equipment for this sport might be used to imitate the works of Jackson Pollock 0
Edouard Manet’s A ____ includes two bottles of Bass 0
Column feature which distinguishes architecture’s three classical orders 0
Body part with meadows, according the song Stardust 0
Author of the Discworld novels 0
As a particular sound, English for noff-noff in Swedish or boo-boo in Japanese 0
An ordinary man behaving like an aristocrat 0
Adjective often seen in recipes, but not describing food 0
According to the Oxford Reference website, “Britain’s most famous amateur dramatic society” 0
A ____ line, which intersects all meridians at the same angle, is a straight line on a chart using the Mercator projection 0
A process that really happens in one’s mind 0
A fruit tree trained to grow flat, often against a wall 0
A description of Donald Trump’s claims about the 2020 presidential election 0
A challenging experience; a sea with no water 0
1987 ITV series in which Robbie Coltrane fronted the Majestics, a Scottish pop group 0
13th-century ____ Budejovice was a famous beer’s birthplace 0
“The ____” was a political cliche coined by CP Snow in a novel, and the title of a later one 0
“Retail ____” (business proverb) 0
“Procrastination is the ____ of time” (Edward Young) 0
“O, Beulah, peel me a ____” (Mae West in I’m No Angel) 0
“I didn’t really mean those nasty words” 0