The Times Specialist Crossword

Yaws 0
Woven fabric made from jute or hemp 0
US singer ____’s cover of I’ll Be Home was a 1956 UK No 1 0
To suffuse or permeate 0
To apply (something such as pressure) 0
Title of a 2012 Doctor Who episode in which a “slow invasion” by billions of cubes kills a third of humanity 0
Those kept in place by tholes 0
The well-known overture to Verdi’s La ____ del Destino starts with sets of three unison Es from the brass and bassoons 0
The professional football team of Kirkcaldy, Fife 0
The only winner of Olympic gold in both the 1500m and 3000m steeplechase 0
The inflatable autopilot in the comedy film Airplane! 0
The current president of France 0
The beginning of Lent 0
The Bank of England is the “____ of Threadneedle Street” 0
Stand-up comic who announced his retirement in 2014 0
Singer, born Mary Brockert, who often collaborated with Rick James 0
Popularly, an annual event inspired by a 1949 show called Something About a Soldier 0
One with more than the usual number of fingers or toes 0
Moses and ____ appeared next to Jesus in his Transfiguration 0
Mid-1970s ITV sitcom starring Hylda Baker 0
Meat from the lower part of an animal’s back 0
Largest island of the Bismarck Archipelago 0
Knife-edged mountain ridge between glacial valleys 0
Informally, sweatpants, possibly not worn for sporting reasons 0
In secret, colloquially 0
In classical myth, ____ became a spider after her death 0
Hokkaido’s capital 0
Film actor Vincent ____ was best known for horror roles 0
Earth’s ____ begins at an altitude of about 400km 0
Dramatis ____ are the characters in a play 0
Document which may be needed by someone emigrating to a francophone country 0
David Bowie’s follow-up single to Let’s Dance 0
Command sometimes given if something is about to fail 0
Be a sign or warning of (something about to happen) 0
Archaically, feeling faint 0
African carnivore which, contrary to popular belief, is mainly a predator rather than scavenger 0
Actress who won an Oscar for her portrayal of June Carter Cash in Walk the Line 0
Actress who reputedly said “The Germans and I no longer speak the same language” 0
A ruling made by a mufti 0
A member of the order containing frogs and toads 0
A judge in the Court of Appeal 0
1978 film whose title is prison slang for an escape attempt 0
1929 autobiography by Robert Graves (aged 34) 0
1912 novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs which introduced the character of John Clayton 0
“____ canem” is Latin for “Beware of the dog” 0
“And ‘t is my faith, that every flower / ____ the air it breathes” (Wordsworth) 0
____ starred with David Niven in Please Don’t Eat the Daisies 0
____ replaced Sitka as Alaska’s capital in 1906 0
World of Sport anchorman, 1968-85 0
What Italians call a “ferrovia” 0