The Times Specialist Crossword

____ Strate was the sidekick of Sheriff Rosco P Coltrane in The Dukes of Hazzard 0
____ played Buffy in Buffy the Vampire Slayer on TV 0
____ is a spin-off from and anagram of a BBC TV series 0
Welsh courtier and grandfather of Henry VII 0
Third film in which Pierce Brosnan plays Bond 0
The width of this punctuation mark is its font size 0
The standard number of strokes for a hole or course in golf 0
The largest city in Germany’s Ruhr conurbation 0
The debut album of One Direction 0
The concluding part of a speech 0
The British Museum’s Duveen Gallery contains the ____ 0
Texas city, capital of the short-lived Republic of the Rio Grande in 1840 0
Take an action which may increase risk or conflict 0
Suite by Gustav Holst ending with a choral diminuendo assisted by a silently closed door 0
Substance which promotes a chemical reaction without undergoing permanent chemical change 0
Sleeveless coat often worn by Sherlock Holmes in films 0
Singer ____ was known as the Queen of Jazz 0
Permission to take time off work 0
Part of a fictional work which unravels its plot 0
Ornamental chalcedony with banded appearance 0
Operetta composer Franz ____’s best-known song is Dein ist mein ganzes Herz 0
One suffering anaphylactic shock may use this to self-inject adrenaline 0
Oil company which merged with Chevron in 2001 0
Manager of the England football team 2012-2016 0
Magdeburg is the third-largest city on this river 0
In America a satnav is typically called this 0
Ibsen play which ends with the sound of a closing door 0
Ian Rankin’s 1986 debut novel 0
Haircut One Hundred’s follow-up to their 1981 debut single Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl) 0
George Eliot novel about a man driven out of a religious community by a false accusation of theft 0
Former Destiny’s Child singer whose stage roles include the lead in the 2003 Elton John and Tim Rice musical Aida 0
Especially in 16th-century Lutheranism, religious practices seen as neither commanded nor forbidden 0
Difficult or laboured breathing 0
Charon is the ____ of Hades 0
By Pharrell Williams, the most successful song of 2014 worldwide 0
Body of water in which the Isle of Bute lies 0
Bach choral work in which the alto soloist represents Mary Magdalene 0
An irrational optimist, from a novel by Eleanor H Porter 0
American inventor of the cotton gin 0
Alternative name for a goitre 0
Aircraft designer who created the Supermarine Spitfire 0
Actress who won an Oscar and Golden Globe for her role in the 1995 Woody Allen film Mighty Aphrodite 0
A notably impressive example of something (US colloquial) 0
A Catholic service not corresponding to the Divine Office for the day on which it is celebrated 0
1970s ITV drama set in the fictional HMP Stone Park 0
“We’d both been to the country and found it disappointingly ____” (Julian Barnes, in Metroland) 0
“Let us sit and mock the good housewife Fortune from her wheel, that her gifts may henceforth be ____ equally” (As You Like It) 0
“I see these witches are ____ of swords” (Comedy of Errors) 0
____ was a presenter on ITN News at Ten, 1967-79 0
____ Rock, in the Firth of Forth, has the world’s largest single-island colony of northern gannets 0