The Times Specialist Crossword

____, “the mighty atom”, won the European championships 1500m in 1938 and 5000m in 1946, and the (9-mile) English national cross-country title in 1948 0
____’s disastrous adventures were first seen on TV in 1973 0
What ____ is not yet decided 0
West Side Story song with the line “Make of our vows one last vow” 0
Verse: poetaster; painting: ____ 0
To record something in writing 0
The ___ was a government owned bookmaker, 1928-2011 0
The city where the Nobel peace prize is awarded 0
Teletubby who likes to play with an orange rubber ball 0
Su capital es Sevilla 0
Secrets of success 0
Publishing company whose website calls its founders “two dashing young entrepreneurs” 0
Places where sailors keep their stuff on board 0
Oven-controlling device whose name was superseded by “gas mark” 0
Oh ____ is the unabbreviated name for the first song in the musical Oklahoma! 0
Of text, converted by a system like pinyin 0
Nicholas ____ wrote The Cruel Sea in 1951 0
Mrs Slocombe’s assistant in Are You Being Served? 0
Monteverdi’s L’____ is the oldest opera regularly performed 0
Maria Gaetana ____ (1718-99) from Milan was the first woman to write a maths textbook 0
Informally, a very cheap means of transportation 0
India’s ____ Fort is one of this city’s two Unesco World Heritage sites 0
In VAT calculations, ____ tax is deducted from VAT on sold goods or services 0
In North American informal usage, to stake everything 0
Historian who has been called “the rudest man in Britain” 0
Flower shown on Austria’s two eurocent coin 0
English equivalent of “casus belli” 0
Done with sincere intentions 0
Community First ____s are local volunteers who may attend an emergency call before paramedics 0
At official exchange rates, a pound is currently worth about 470 Nigerian ____ 0
Ancient region where cuneiform writing was used 0
Al ____ won four Olympic discus titles, 1956-68 0
A ____ steak is often called “sirloin” in the USA 0
A phrase created by mishearing, such as “damp squid” or “preying mantis” 0
A papal conclave is possibly the oldest form of ____ still used 0
A laser pointer’s light power output is often up to five ____s 0
A horse race won ____ is close to a dead heat 0
A bird named after its diet 0
1964 romantic comedy, the last of three films starring Rock Hudson and Doris Day 0
“____ will be going away shortly” __ recent poetic statement about changes in Microsoft Outlook 0
“____ has come of age and you have nothing to use but your chains” (Time Out in 1980) 0
“We are able to create a range of climatic conditions in our seven display ____” (Oxford Botanic Gardens website) 0
“I have be-dimmed / The ____ sun” (Prospero in The Tempest) 0
____’s Livadia palace hosted a Big Three conference in 1945 0
____ wrote and recorded After All This Time, winner of the 1990 best country song Grammy award 0
____ replaced Arsene Wenger as Arsenal manager in 2018 0
Wheat protein which makes dough sticky 0
Walter Scott novel published anonymously in 1815 0
Torticollis and writer’s cramp are examples of this condition affecting muscles 0
To come clean 0