The Washington Post Sunday Crossword

Zrenjanin resident 0
WWII battle town that’s an anagram of 1 Down 0
Word before Lingus 0
With 59 Down, Newbery Medal-winning dystopian novel by Lois Lowry 0
With 113 Down, compound produced through catabolism 0
Wild West persona 0
Wield a crowbar 0
Went to a masquerade ball without a mask, e.g 0
Wax art class item 0
Vehicles seen in ‘Godzilla’ 0
Upgrade 0
Unadon fish 0
TT car manufacturer 0
Trial software items that AOL once sent to its users at no cost 0
Tony winner Judith or Drama Desk Award winner Dana 0
Tragic figure of a Sophocles play 0
Tiny terror 0
Tint of some prints of ‘Nosferatu’ 0
Those with high spirits? 0
They’ve been close for a long time 0
Stop working for a time 0
Subject for a sexologist 0
Stereotypical cosplayer 0
Spirit ___ (adhesive used for affixing wigs) 0
SoCal pro 0
Site of Japan’s Triangle Park, which hosts an annual Halloween party 0
Sent to one’s account 0
Seek forgiveness (for) 0
See 43 Across 0
Sci-fi character who sang ‘Oh, on the Starship Enterprise’ 0
Savannah herbivore 0
Satisfy, as criteria 0
Satan’s quality 0
Running scientific subjects 0
Rosticciana meat 0
Rooney of ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ 0
Rejoin a sports league after leaving it, say 0
Pugsley and Wednesday, e.g 0
Promote, as suspicion 0
Processed rock 0
Priest’s robe 0
Peak position? 0
Ooze like the Blob 0
Online health info source 0
Oh Henry! candy bar ingredient 0
Not merely crave 0
Non-ovine flock’s cry 0
Nerve fiber 0
Memorable one-word line uttered by Catwoman in ‘Batman Returns’ 0
Med. test that often drops its second letter 0