The Washington Post Sunday Crossword

___-imperialism 0
___ out a win (wins by a nose) 0
___ bag (type of purse) 0
Which fictional character holds a PhD from Oxford University? A) Indiana Jones | B) Black Panther | C) Dr. John Watson | D) Green Lantern 0
Where is the Orange Velodrome located? A) Barcelona | B) Rotterdam | C) Amsterdam | D) Marseille 0
When some rights are legal 0
What is the subject of the film ‘The Song Remains the Same’? A) Bette Midler | B) Led Zeppelin | C) OneRepublic | D) Electronica 0
What is another term for a bit of strong language (seven of which in the puzzle will help you solve one of the meta answers)? A) Figure of speech | B) Five-dollar word | C) Four-letter word | D) Four-word phrase 0
What did Shigeru Miyamoto and Gunpei Yokoi design in 1983? A) Honda Logo | B) Magnetron | C) ‘Mario Bros.’ | D) Tokyo Dome 0
What billions browse 0
Wednesday’s hairy relative 0
Vessel bottom 0
Ucayali River’s country 0
Triple Crown of Motorsport race, briefly 0
Train service since 2000 0
To be, en francais 0
They might be shockers 0
The S of OS: Abbr 0
Steeped beverages used in detox diets 0
Solo homer’s run count 0
Soak up, with ‘up’ 0
Signs with political messages, perhaps 0
Sharp brand 0
Series of local talks 0
Seasoning in Japanese cuisine 0
Sales record 0
Room full of clutter 0
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee 0
Response to getting a present in Paris 0
Remove, as old paint 0
Religious school? 0
Rainforest specimens 0
Quiet call 0
Potter’s 70 Down 0
Populous area in a territorial department 0
Partner of void 0
Park place 0
Ornithologist’s subject 0
Odorless cellar hazard 0
O’Donnell who received the GLAAD Vito Russo Award in 2003 0
Nintendo offering 0
Niagara Falls vapor 0
Nemegt Basin’s region 0
Needlessly kvetched to 0
Nation with a khanjar dagger on its flag 0
Name rhyming with Chet 0
Mystery figure 0
Musical Stravinsky 0
Mountain beast of lore 0
Monks’ garments 0