The Washington Post Sunday Crossword

___ out (disoriented) 0
___ of limitations 0
___ in flames (failed catastrophically) 0
Vehicle transporting many students to school 0
Turns down, as the lights 0
The L of MLB, NFL or NHL 0
The Devil, by another name 0
Storage medium for many early 2000s movies 0
Sonic the Hedgehog’s color 0
Sniffing body part 0
Single-named Irish singer who sang the lyric ‘May it be an evening star / Shines down upon you’ 0
Sheep’s grazing area 0
Seasoning paired with pepper 0
Ready to be drawn, as beer at the bar 0
Racing team that competes on a river 0
Pyramid ___ (fraudulent business model) 0
Property that parents often pass down to their heirs 0
Prepared for a marathon or a boxing match, say 0
Poem praising a hero, say 0
Place where you live 0
Piece of lingerie with cups 0
Pet that may lick itself after chasing a laser dot 0
Period of 100 years 0
Part of a street designated for cyclists 0
Part of a basketball hoop that’s cut down during the NCAA tournament 0
More bang for your ___ 0
Member of a 6 Down team 0
Master of suspense Hitchcock 0
Marked down, like products at a store 0
Man whose first child was just born 0
Mammal digging holes, or a beauty spot 0
Lowest card in a 5-high straight, or the highest card in a royal flush 0
Like somebody who geeks out 0
Like a star performance … or, literally, like a star 0
John, Paul, George or Ringo’s favorite insect? 0
Italian city featuring many canals and bridges 0
Indonesia’s continent 0
Greek letter found in the middle of ‘audiotapes’ 0
Gemstone frequently imported from Down Under 0
Friend supporting a cause 0
Feeling of indifference 0
Dog who traveled with Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion 0
Develop on a vine, say 0
Cool down, as champagne 0
Cheese that’s ‘made’ backward 0
Candidate who lost the election 0
Busy hospital areas: Abbr 0
Bragged about a victory 0
Bottled, with ‘up’ 0
Backyard structure that often holds garden tools 0