The Washington Post Sunday Crossword

___-wheel drive 0
___ Vegas Raiders 0
___ Philharmonic (Pennsylvania orchestra) 0
___ comedy (genre featuring awkward, embarrassing situations) 0
[Please milk me, human] 0
Wormhole in sci-fi, e.g 0
Woodwind heard in ‘Take Five’ 0
Woodpecker’s dwelling 0
Whimsically amusing 0
What’s claimed when calling shotgun 0
Vocal piece composed by a yodeler? 0
Vichyssoise ingredient 0
Type of dip, or a type of dance with dips 0
Tuna salad seller 0
Tricksy types 0
Tower full of grain 0
Theatrical musical work composed by a jockey? 0
The E of Ransom E. Olds 0
Sturdy plant associated with the underworld in Celtic mythology 0
Store hours contraction 0
Stock characters in ‘Sons of Anarchy’ 0
Steve who invented a wristwatch that allowed him and Carl Winslow to travel back in time 0
Spots for pleasure craft 0
Some university retirees 0
Some D.C. electees 0
Snooty sort 0
Site of a certain type of city garden 0
Show hostility toward 0
She called Chewbacca a ‘big walking carpet’ 0
Sch. that trains many physicists 0
Saints’ city, briefly 0
Sacred choral work composed by a detractor? 0
Rowdy crowd sound 0
Rhythmic musical piece composed by a dissident? 0
Reason for suing 0
Raleigh sch 0
Radiate, as heat 0
Queen of Olympus 0
Presented perspectives 0
Poet whom Pope Francis called ‘a prophet of hope, a herald of humanity’s possible redemption and liberation’ 0
PJs top, perhaps 0
Piece of attire once worn at the Colosseum 0
Pest hopping on hounds 0
Passage you know by heart? 0
Pass over, vocally 0
Parker at a restaurant 0
Overhauled, as an essay 0
Org. fighting speciesism 0
One bearing antennae 0
On the ___ (exactly) 0