The Washington Post Sunday

___ track (product of a musical feud) 0
YouTube clip preceders 0
Wood stove fallout 0
Wood work, e.g.? 0
Wireless mouse batteries, maybe 0
With 93 Down, ‘Man oh man!’ 0
When the Allied forces invaded Normandy 0
Went by 34 Down or 91 Down 0
Western mode of travel? 0
Vehicle often ‘split’ 0
Try to shred 0
Variety of salmon 0
Trudeau of Canadian politics 0
Train set component 0
Toppings on 30 Across, at times 0
To a great extent 0
Thickness measurer 0
The bird Stephen Jr. (named after Stephen Colbert), e.g 0
Thesis intro? 0
Temple feature 0
Suffer anguish (over) 0
Stuck around longer than 0
Star of the 1990s TV series ‘Clueless’ 0
Stuck around 0
South Carolina’s state fruit 0
Soaks up the Sun, say? 0
Sites for idle mowers 0
Sixth of a fluid ounce 0
Site for fabric softener 0
Sharpened, as a blade 0
She once tweeted: ‘We all have an incomplete understanding of reality. Let’s complete the puzzle together and have a clear understanding of what is happening.’ 0
Sequence of notes from a chord 0
Shakespeare’s ‘shortly’ 0
See 40 Across 0
Rock climbing gym need 0
Sailor’s post 0
Proceeded effortlessly 0
Related to an eye part 0
Pounded fastener 0
Player’s words after deciding to split? 0
Places in boiling water 0
Penny’s value, compared to a dime 0
Pickleball court divider 0
Patriotic Japanese cheer 0
Participated in a dash 0
Parts of a Greek map 0
Parisian landmark with bells named for saints 0
Oozing mass 0
Origin of ‘Delicious Dish’ skits on NBC 0
NBA Hall of Famer Robinson 0