The Washington Post Sunday

Writing implement designed to work in zero-gravity environments 0
Wiretap a phone conversation, say 0
Where many parties to a summit come from 0
When you might take a coffee break 0
What the thumb, index finger and middle finger represent, in Germany 0
What i.e. stands for 0
Went past the allotted time 0
Watanabe of ‘Inception’ 0
Valley nicknamed ‘the Cradle of the French’ 0
Vague impressions 0
Unlockable weapon in the Nintendo 64 game ‘GoldenEye 007’ 0
Univ. senior’s ordeal, perhaps 0
Unexpected blessings 0
Type of dog that Elvis sang ‘Hound Dog’ to on a 1956 episode of ‘The Steve Allen Show’ 0
Tuxedo shirt fasteners 0
True ___ (genre of the podcast ‘Serial’) 0
Those pushing a narrative? 0
The American kind has smooth, gray bark 0
Tater tots, e.g 0
Systems of electrical grids? 0
Stressful competition? 0
Stadium feature, maybe 0
Sporadically appearing then leaving 0
Spiny specimens 0
Spiny specimen 0
Sources of power for 37 Down 0
Small element of a painting or a tattoo 0
Skewered appetizer 0
Singer Amos or Kelly 0
Scottish folk tune figure 0
Saturn’s largest moon 0
Romero who played the Joker 0
River through New Brunswick, N.J 0
Representations of programs 0
Rebel’s attitude 0
Ravens quarterback Jackson 0
Radicals depicted in ‘The Trial of the Chicago 7’ 0
Process of coming out 0
Prepare, as pepper 0
Playfully teased 0
Pester again and again 0
Paul Pierce’s team, for most of his NBA career 0
Parks’ partner 0
One who may need a stamp 0
One who may be married to a countess 0
One wasting time 0
Nabisco cracker brand 0
Moved with a purpose 0
Most expensive property between Go and Jail (not counting houses or hotels) 0
Momentary view 0