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Code Letter Crossword Answers January 19, 2023

Crossword: by S.N.


In-box arrival MEMO
Venerable movie channel HBO
“A Christmas Carol” quartet GHOSTS
Bovines on a farm OXEN
Percy Shelley’s sphere ORB
Needed refilling RANLOW
Small snack BITE
Informal wear TEE
Kraft Heinz tater brand OREIDA
Something to climb STAIRWAY
Janitorial implement WETMOP
Security breach LEAK
Swanky POSH
Hammer cousin MALLET
“I win!” in a card game GIN
Server of stacks IHOP
Cockpit announcement ETA
The music of Monk BEBOP
Hanker for CRAVE
Something to climb CORPORATELADDER
19th-century western explorer CLARK
Runs out of gas TIRES
Biblical transport ARK
__ mater ALMA
Aural annoyance DIN
Talkative CHATTY
Merry frolic LARK
Start to awaken STIR
Something to climb MOUNTAIN
Holds on tight CLINGS
Bungle something ERR
Join together FUSE
Appraise ASSESS
Had something ATE
Coffee servers URNS
Pleasantly warm TOASTY
Court VIPs DAS
Muscles worked by rowing LATS


Rowdy throngs MOBS
Make a turnoff EXIT
Facebook’s corporate parent META
“The Iceman Cometh” writer ONEILL
Metaphor for trouble HOTWATER
Come apart BREAK
Be compliant OBEY
Slowly appeal to GROWON
Furry hoppers HARES
More than a quarter ONETHIRD
Inconsiderable SLIM
Big fuss TODO
Interchange SWAP
Leisure footwear firm REEBOK
Peter of tongue twisters PIPER
Pilgrim’s destination MECCA
Lagoon encloser ATOLL
NFC West player LARAM
Was accepted GOTIN
Lit into HADAT
Open to view OVERT
Cheerful PERKY
Hand-dyeing technique BATIK
Get paid via IPO CASHIN
New Orleans confections PRALINES
Some college classes LECTURES
For formal occasions DRESSY
Inner tension ANGST
Somewhat, slangily SORTA
“Outta here!” SCAT
“And don’t forget . . .” ALSO
Sister of Bart LISA
Lake near Vegas MEAD
Air of mystery AURA
Fails to be ISNT
Suffix for smooth or rough NESS


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