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Code Letter Crossword Answers November 14, 2022

Crossword: by Sally R. Stein


International treatyPACT
__ down (massage)RUB
Days of __ (ancient times)YORE
Comrade in battleALLY
Gorilla or chimpAPE
Just slightlyABIT
Minestrone or chicken noodleSOUP
Pay-__-view moviePER
Pepsi or CokeCOLA
What a driver gripsSTEERINGWHEEL
Calculate a sumADD
“__ about time!”ITS
Tolkien creature like FrodoHOBBIT
“That’s correct”YES
Toy that spinsTOP
So all can hearALOUD
Largest of the Three BearsPAPA
Driver’s rain-clearing bladeWINDSHIELDWIPER
Days before holidaysEVES
Ireland or OahuISLE
Paying careful attentionALERT
__ Moines, IADES
Liquid in a ballpointINK
24-hour periodONEDAY
Perform in a playACT
Wood-cutting toolSAW
Driver’s constant-speed deviceCRUISECONTROL
Path to bowl onLANE
Local tavernBAR
“There’s no place like __”HOME
__ and craftsARTS
Crunchy sandwich, for shortBLT
Last word of a prayerAMEN
Annoying sortPEST
The Caribbean, for oneSEA
“Jack and Jill __ up . . .”WENT


Football throwPASS
Very oftenALOT
Piece of whodunit evidenceCLUE
Work at a keyboardTYPE
Topple overUPEND
Arctic frozen hazard, for shortBERG
Luxurious boatsYACHTS
Woodwind instrumentsOBOES
Make angryRILE
And others: Abbr.ETAL
Maze-running rodentRAT
Exert, as powerWIELD
Hemmed and __ (couldn’t decide)HAWED
Small fruit in Greek saladsOLIVE
Dog biscuit shapesBONES
Blossoms that haven’t opened yetBUDS
Passports and dog tags, for shortIDS
Connecticut Ivy League schoolYALE
Repaired, as a torn sheetTAPED
Musical drama with sopranosOPERA
Birthday celebrationPARTY
“Electric” fishEEL
Heap of rocksPILE
Solving aidsHINTS
Looking paleWAN
Most frostyICIEST
Mom’s sisters, to youAUNTS
Weighing machineSCALE
Large blood vesselAORTA
Very uncommonRARE
Recedes, as the tideEBBS
Start to meltTHAW
Capital of ItalyROME
Prophetic signOMEN
Period before EasterLENT


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