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Crossword Champ Daily November 20 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Daily November 20 2022 Answers:

Make a sad face POUT
Qualifying or explaining
Flower’s emanation ODOR
Asian noodles UDON
Highland head warmers TAMS
Campus in Troy NY RPI
Narrow inlet RIA
Troy actor Brad PITT
Showing deep sincerity INEARNEST
Pinocchio used to be one LIAR
Spa sound AAH
Stat on a food label RDA
Lizard of Egypt ADDA
There’s no ___ team IIN
Romanian or Israeli city ARAD
Dwelling sharer ROOMMATE
Range units (Abbr) MTS
Qatar University city DOHA
German painter Max ___ ERNST
Tibetan beast TAKIN
Classic Welles role KANE
The way I said SO
Light operas OPERETTAS
Angle unit in math RADIAN
Guinness and others ALES
Uncool sort NERD
Co subdivision TWP
Pottery WARE
Word with battle or lesson PLAN
Crowning achievement PINNACLE
__ got a secret IVE
2001 mainframe HAL
Bank security feature LEVEE
Fishing item LURE
___ Lingus (Ireland’s national airline) AER
Deletions ERASURES
It happens in the west SUNSET
Drug used in The Good Shepherd LSD
Staying power? TENURE
On the job for short TCB
Scoundrel CAD
Amalgam BLEND
Jason Kidd’s team NETS
Property attached to another SEMI
Set apart ISOLATED
Bonanza finds ORES
Oscar winner for Hud NEAL
Says 2 x 2 = 5 say ERRS
Group of popular CBS shows CSIS
Wide awake: con___ous SCI
Helpful connections INS
More gentle and kind TENDERER
White House advisory grp NSC
Skin condition with pimples ACNE
Morning hrs AMS
Almost at hand NEAR
Price the consumer pays LIST
As written SIC
Fast PC connections DSLS

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