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Crossword Champ Daily November 23 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Daily November 23 2022 Answers:

Carrier p___ons were trained to carry messages over long distances IGE
___ Ruled the World IFI
Italian actress Scala GIA
Begin as an adventure ENTERON
Like some columns OPED
Brewer’s kiln OAST
Without bells and whistles PLAIN
Deserved on merit EARNED
Complete repugnance DISGUST
Broad flat thick piece SLAB
Observant one SPIER
Obscurity LIMBO
Negatively charged atom ANION
Marriage announcement BANNS
1950s car feature FIN
Jai ___ ALAI
First word in a tropical drink PINA
Ten thousand saw ___ a glance: Wordsworth IAT
2003 epidemic in Toronto SARS
Gambler’s declaration IMIN
Restaurant activity EATING
Trial figure briefly ATTY
Black in poetry EBON
Green VERT
Vision health vare provider VSP
Xanadu rock band ELO
Elementary particles NEUTRONS
Tree or giant one SLOTH
Shacks HUTS
Award for a Brit officer DSO
Pay (2 words) PONYUP
Sea rovers PIRATES
Slide used with a dress shirt TIEBAR
Chanteuse Adams EDIE
Add support to BOLSTER
King Kong or Congo eg APE
Lab maze runner RAT
Pointed end TIP
Iranian language PASHTO
Antiparkinsonian agent LDOPA
MIT’s class ring familiarly BRASSRAT
Unwarranted growth BLOAT
Altercation RUNIN
A serious one may be red ALERT
Wastes so to speak SLAYS
Region in the Austrian Alps TIROL
Before __ you go ILET
Peaceful interlude LULL
Actor’s lines ASIDES
Ridge of drifted sand DUNE
Every ___ winner! ONEA
Informal through THRU
Stock page hdg OTC
Caress PAT
Like breezeways AIRY
Thames landmark ETON
In-flight info for short ETA
Blast causes TNTS
Shoe bottom SOLE
Sales slip (abbr) RCT

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