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Crossword Champ Premium November 10 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Premium November 10 2022 Answers:

Attacks with vigor HASAT
Greek goddess of youth HEBE
Sleeveless garments made of camel’s hair ABAS
Slammin’ Sammy SOSA
Part of some recipe titles ALA
Like the Burj Khalifa among all the buildings in the world TALLEST
Dawn deity EOS
___ cologne EAUDE
S-shaped arch OGEE
Household cleaner with Pine SOL
Go far and wide ROVE
Enumerate RECITE
Oklahoma native OTOE
Green RAW
To see at a distance ESPY
Virus in 2014 news EBOLA
Steinbeck’s To ___ Unknown AGOD
Mark for misconduct DEMERIT
Are in Arles ETES
Relating to the bottom layer BASAL
Congo river UELE
Company (abbr) CORP
Finnish hockey star Tikkanen ESA
Vein of metal in rock LODE
Costa Rican peninsula OSA
Tribal social group MOIETY
Just a single time ONCE
___ majeste LESE
Without accomplices LONE
Monthly payment for many RENT
Second tries REDOS
Indian appetizer SAMOSA
Polio vaccine discoverer SALK
Fits of chills and fever AGUES
Rock genre METAL
Pie slice so to speak PERCENT
Below (Poet) NEATH
Extended family TRIBE
Ten-percenter AGENT
Murphy of To Hell and Back AUDIE
Succulent flowering plants ALOES
___ he drove out of sight ERE
Orinoco Flow singer ENYA
Old instrument that’s strummed LUTE
Apportion or allocate ALLOT
Air sacs ALVEOLI
Sold on one’s self VAIN
Vintners’ vessels VATS
Sheep-killing parrot KEA
Tart fruits SLOES
Perceived SEEN
Didn’t participate SATBY
Deceptive dexterity SLEIGHT
Shirt parts SLEEVES
Rubbed out ERASED
Gibson who was the first person of color to win a tennis Grand Slam event ALTHEA
___ en-Provence France AIX
The Pink Panther actor Roger REES
Rushes HIES
Lacks in brief HASNT
Cheese made from ewe’s milk ROMANO
Gather crops REAP
President’s office OVAL
Filly after maturing MARE
Car with a meter TAXI
Chairlift alternative TBAR
Poet’s deg MFA
Football coach Jim MORA
Boxers Muhammad and Laila ALIS
Gabor and Peron EVAS
Hospital testing grounds LABS
King of Judah for 41 years ASA
Horror-film character GHOUL
Expression of extreme happiness HEE
Rhine feeder AARE
This ___ outrage! ISAN
Ready or not ___ come! HEREI
Begged PLED
Emerson’s ”jealous mistress” ART
Dabbling ducks TEALS


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