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Crossword Champ Premium November 13 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Premium November 13 2022 Answers:

Alley org PBA
__ Penh PHNOM
Where Einstein developed relativity BERNE
Wheel turners AXLES
Walk heavily TROMP
1997 comedy with the tagline Trust me LIARLIAR
Words of dismay OYVEY
Tank filler GAS
Area in which one shines FORTE
Lose strength FADE
Either you do it ___ will! ORI
Documentarian Burns who’s the brother of Ken RIC
Asian New Year TET
Places for quick operations briefly ERS
Evil spell HEX
More cautious WARIER
In a watery way WETLY
Top rugby clubs’ league NRL
Dallas team briefly MAVS
Official decrees EDICTS
I’ll have another ONEMORE
Bryn ___ college MAWR
Spenserian hag ATE
Verb tense in Classical Greek AORIST
Arizona city MESA
Popular disinfectant LYSOL
Booze hound SOT
Galway Bay’s ___ islands ARAN
Pub beer in the old days ALE
Keep on dunking REWET
Anoint ANELE
Defense acronym NORAD
Rival of Xbox WII
Martinique et Guadeloupe eg ILES
Direct ending ORY
TV host Jay ____ LENO
Ludlum’s The ___ Inheritance SCARLATTI
Throat infector STREP
(Michael ___ actor) CAINE
Extension ADDON
Abounding in locks TRESSY
Axman eg HEWER
Half of uni- HEMI
Boy or bit TAD
Be in misjudgment ERR
Wind dir SSE
Motorcycle attachments SIDECARS
Highest note ELA
Carnival sights RIDES
Judge evaluate: ass___ ESS
Guessed roughly ESTIMATED
Train terminal (abbr) STA
Wheel connection AXLE
Chimp in space ENOS
Fast way to the UK once SST
Stable part STALL
Fort near Trenton DIX
Ballpoints PENS
Sadhe (variant) TSADE
The _____ of Hazard DUKES
Regan’s father LEAR
Tribal leader often ELDER
Hale and Hale Jr ALANS
Thesaurus creator ROGET
Poet Swenson MAY
Miserly MEAN
15th century Italian painter UCCELLO
(Shade of blue) CYAN
Nail polish ENAMEL
Period ERA
Vet’s memory maybe NAM
Nasdaq relative ASE
Longtime record label MCA
Doing fine OKAY
Reproductive cell OVA
Nobelist Hammarskjold DAG
Alfalfa once RASCAL
Aloe ___ VERA
Vane direction ENE
You make ___ cup of coffee! AMEAN
AAA for one ASSN
U can follow them RST


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