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Crossword Champ Premium November 16 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Premium November 16 2022 Answers:

Feature of the planet Saturn closely studied by NASA’s Cassini mission RINGS
Way too interested NOSY
Pleased GLAD
Foot undersurface SOLE
Lincoln or Nixon BIOPIC
Wild hog BOAR
Scintilla IOTA
Fire ___ OPAL
‘Scram!” SHOO
Husky food? TAMALE
Fly without a co-pilot SOLO
Alley ___! OOP
Calphalon product PAN
Declining answers NOS
Butt RAM
Winner of NBC’s America’s Toughest Bouncer in 1980 MRT
Dog Day Afternoon character SAL
Opposite of much ATAD
Realtor’s offering LOT
Head’s opposite TOE
Wild side of a split personality MRHYDE
Made a fool of HAD
Abnormal breathing sounds RALES
Radical student group of the ’60s (abbr) SDS
Beethoven’s Moonlight ___ SONATA
Fit snugly one inside another NESTED
Summer setting in Seattle (abbr) PDT
Loose woman HARLOT
Article in ”Le Monde” UNE
___ Gatto (custom-built coupe) MOAL
Ending with hard or soft WARE
Forest denizens WAPITIS
Not fer AGIN
Cost of living? RENT
Word before sum ERGO
Endangered species of Celebes ANOA
New ___ AGER
Hard to penetrate DENSE
Clear the field REAP
(___ pong) PING
Record Label inits EMI
Worldwide online payments company Pay___ PAL
At the top APICAL
Jumped all over LITINTO
Dungeons & Dragons game TSR
Unit in physics class DYNE
More than mere intuition ESP
Champagne cork sound POP
Dowel PEG
Spring ahead hrs DST
Deliberately caused distress SPITED
Playing card spot PIP
(Movie maker (abbr)) DIR
Nearing the hour TENTO
Shocking fish EEL
Emmy winner de Matteo DREA
Betray in a way RATON
Like a Chihuahua’s ears ERECT
Orbital point APSIS
Delights PLEASES
Egyptian god of creation PTAH
Late-night host LENO
(Accel___e) ERAT
Prophet SEER
Kind of chest or dog SEA
___traz: rocky island in California ALCA
French collagist ARP
Okla before 1907 TERR
Orioles play here NEST
Radical ’70s org SLA
(Rounded body stringed instrument) LUTES
The Negro R runs through it URU
Sci class ANAT
Prefix with vision or market TELE
Saffron-yielding blooms CROCI
Have the ___ for HOTS
Toward the mouth ORAD
Sisters of your parents AUNTS
Fable writer AESOP
Assisted AIDED
Ibsen’s An ___ of the People ENEMY
Longtime hair lightener brand SUNIN
CIA predecessor OSS
Slight sound PEEP
Is at a loss for words? HUMS


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