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Crossword Champ Premium November 19 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Premium November 19 2022 Answers:

Postscript in a book or playEPILOG
At Last blues singer ___ JamesETTA
Some tax shelters brieflyIRAS
It may come before we forgetLEST
Sweet ending?OSE
Nickname for Ron GuidryGATOR
AFL affiliateCIO
Chewed stimulantCOCA
Enraged emotionIRE
Min partSEC
Son of Ramses ISETI
Motorcycle daredevilEVEL
Musical performance: con___CERT
Weatherspoon of the WNBATERESA
X-rated materialPORN
Means of supportPILLAR
Afternoon serviceTEASET
Restaurant freebieICEWATER
___ lossATA
Mgr’s aideASST
Container for a spicy stewOLLA
University of Wyoming cityLARAMIE
Like the Leaning TowerATILT
Asian seaARAL
Yank with 25 grand slamsAROD
It may give one a liftBRA
Feel the ___ (2016 campaign slogan)BERN
The defeatedLOSER
___ a limbOUTON
Scandinavian poetSKALD
Green landEIRE
G or X possiblyRATED
Knight of Arthurian legendTRISTAN
Barney Miller actor JackSOO
Cousin of the needlefishSAURY
Roma’s port onceOSTIA
Marvel character from JapanYUKIO
Pirate’s interjectionARRR
Shuts the door onBANS
Like racehorsesBRED
Fame of a talented performerSTARDOM
___ vez (again: Sp)OTRA
To be kept privateINTRUST
___ does it!THAT
Maiden loved by HerculesIOLE
Familia membersTIAS
Take with approvalACCEPT
Ready or not ___ come!HEREI
Long Island or Puget (abbr)SND
Not slouchingERECT
Writer ___ HemingwayERNEST
Innermost sanctuary in ancient templesADYTA
Mme in MadridSRA
Vicious of The Sex PistolsSID
Calculate astrologicallyCAST
Suddenly took noticeSATUP
PC network overseerADMIN
He ran beside a FordDOLE
Soap actress SoferRENA
Dirty or untidy stateMESS
Robert of the CSAELEE
Jalousie unitSLAT
La Scala di ___ (Rossini opera)SETA
Ready for a road trip sayLOADEDUP
SFO opponent in the 2012 World SeriesDET
French feudal taxTAILLE
Meth___ gasANE
Remove from officeUNSEAT
Peg of the LPGATEE
Feature of all four theme entries in this crosswordTTT
100 centimosPESETA

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