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Crossword Champ Premium November 19 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Premium November 19 2022 Answers:

Postscript in a book or play EPILOG
At Last blues singer ___ James ETTA
Urinates PEES
Some tax shelters briefly IRAS
It may come before we forget LEST
Sweet ending? OSE
Nickname for Ron Guidry GATOR
AFL affiliate CIO
Chewed stimulant COCA
Enraged emotion IRE
Min part SEC
Son of Ramses I SETI
Motorcycle daredevil EVEL
Musical performance: con___ CERT
Weatherspoon of the WNBA TERESA
X-rated material PORN
Means of support PILLAR
Gloaming EVE
Afternoon service TEASET
Restaurant freebie ICEWATER
___ loss ATA
Mgr’s aide ASST
Container for a spicy stew OLLA
University of Wyoming city LARAMIE
Like the Leaning Tower ATILT
Asian sea ARAL
Yank with 25 grand slams AROD
It may give one a lift BRA
Feel the ___ (2016 campaign slogan) BERN
The defeated LOSER
Recuperation LYSIS
___ a limb OUTON
Scandinavian poet SKALD
Green land EIRE
G or X possibly RATED
Knight of Arthurian legend TRISTAN
Barney Miller actor Jack SOO
Cousin of the needlefish SAURY
Git-go ONSET
Roma’s port once OSTIA
Marvel character from Japan YUKIO
Pirate’s interjection ARRR
Shuts the door on BANS
Like racehorses BRED
Fame of a talented performer STARDOM
___ vez (again: Sp) OTRA
To be kept private INTRUST
___ does it! THAT
Maiden loved by Hercules IOLE
Familia members TIAS
Take with approval ACCEPT
Ready or not ___ come! HEREI
Long Island or Puget (abbr) SND
Not slouching ERECT
Writer ___ Hemingway ERNEST
Innermost sanctuary in ancient temples ADYTA
Mme in Madrid SRA
Vicious of The Sex Pistols SID
Calculate astrologically CAST
Suddenly took notice SATUP
PC network overseer ADMIN
Landed ALIT
He ran beside a Ford DOLE
Construct MAKE
Soap actress Sofer RENA
Reddish-brown RUST
Dirty or untidy state MESS
Overlook MISS
Robert of the CSA ELEE
Jalousie unit SLAT
La Scala di ___ (Rossini opera) SETA
Ready for a road trip say LOADEDUP
SFO opponent in the 2012 World Series DET
French feudal tax TAILLE
Meth___ gas ANE
Sort ILK
Remove from office UNSEAT
Peg of the LPGA TEE
Feature of all four theme entries in this crossword TTT
100 centimos PESETA

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