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Crossword Champ Premium November 4 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Premium November 4 2022 Answers:

Approximately ORSO
Necessity NEED
Church projection APSE
Russian emperor of old TSAR
Have the ___ for HOTS
Dragonwyck author Seton ANYA
Less typical RARER
___ expected ASI
___ facto IPSO
Demoiselle GIRL
Big Bertha’s birthplace ESSEN
Exam for future attys LSAT
Harbor info EDAS
Warm scarves: muff___ LERS
Many Frozen-inspired Halloween costumes ELSAS
Cambodian currency RIEL
Don’t exist ARENT
Swedish rock group ABBA
Skin problem TINEA
Linen fabric TOILE
___ Lilly and Company ELI
Fasten your seat___ while driving a car BELT
Gets beat LOSES
Starred in high school sports LETTERED
Department in Picardy OISE
Exxon Valdez mishap OILSPILL
Nectar collector BEE
Jefferson for one DEIST
Radio feature DIAL
Double BINAL
Barbara to friends BABS
With skill ADROITLY
Shaquille and Ryan ONEALS
Bargain events SALES
Tristram Shandy’s creator STERNE
Nathan’s nickname NATE
SuperStation initials TBS
Thebes princess SEMELE
Stuffing herb SAGE
Author Bagnold ENID
___ Breckinridge MYRA
See 19-Down ONESPATH
The Tin Drum boy OSKAR
Saturnalias ORGIES
Family Affair role SISSY
Roi’s wife REINE
___ pin pick it up SEEA
Some male dolls KENS
Sun Devils’ sch ASU
Rejuvenates RESTORES
Sitar star Shankar RAVI
Asian sea name ARAL
Ravine VALE
Nile bird IBIS
Sharpen HONE
Shortstop Pee Wee REESE
Kuwaiti eg ARAB
Military group UNIT
Canis or Panthera GENUS
East Indies island BALI
Funnel-shaped flowers PETUNIAS
Remaining after all deductions NETT
After coffee and pool TABLES
___traz: rocky island in California ALCA
Director Spike ____ LEE
Gangster’s girl MOLL
(Claude ___ French impressionist painter) MONET
Trounce WHUP
Kerouac et al BEATS
Skye of Say Anything IONE
Propagate BREED
He might say: That’s a moray! EELER
Sullen peevish PETULANT
Casting director? SORCERER


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