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Crossword Champ Premium November 6 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Premium November 6 2022 Answers:

(Spicy stir-fry dish Kung ___ Chicken) PAO
‘The Ego and the Id” author FREUD
Mouths off RANTS
____ mater ALMA
Rome’s ___ Pacis ARA
Hair style AFRO
Famous Stewart MARTHA
Spoils as old vegetables ROTS
Ness team TMEN
Myra or Rudolf HESS
Social worker? ANT
Municipality in France SION
Lavish party FETE
Trauma ctrs ERS
Rule for a sorority house after dark? NOMEN
Move before the wind SCUD
Regret feeler RUER
Statistician’s tool TTEST
Ready archaically YARE
Former Spice Girl Halliwell GERI
Gambling term ODDS
IDs of a sort SSNS
Greek Mother Earth GAEA
Feudal worker ESNE
Nevada’s so-called Biggest Little City in the World RENO
Glazer of Broad City ILANA
Webster wrote many of them: Abbr DEFS
Direct Sound Radio briefly DSR
German prince ELECTOR
JFK or LBJ once SEN
Last word of America the Beautiful SEA
Exemplary TYPIC
The Arctic for one CLIME
Like some vbs IRREG
Roi’s wife REINE
One no-trump eg BID
Big name in audio equipment BOSE
‘In a cowslip’s bell ___” (”The Tempest) ILIE
Property title DEED
Screen ingenue often STARLET
Hwy mishap respondent EMT
Sound entrance point EARHOLE
President between FDR and DDE HST
Time magazine’s scholarly Everest for short OED
Pottery from Japan IMARI
Actor-director Davis OSSIE
Time by the Thames GMT
Rio follower GRANDE
Outcome END
Jack Bobby or Ted DEM
Began a golf game TEED
Tire stored in a trunk SPARE
Bold and lively SASSY
Anatomical fold PLICA
My Cherie __ AMOUR
One on the run FLEER
Depression in a bone FOVEA
Aerobics class type STEP
Old pronoun THEE
Boring tool TREPAN
Noticably moist HUMID
As a friend in France ENAMI
Samantha of Doctor Doolittle EGGAR
Painting holder EASEL
Psychic inits ESP
Schedule position SLOT
Ladder step RUNG
Medicinal plant SENNA
Le ___ Emile Zola novel REVE
Online publication informally EMAG
Poetic feet PAEONS
Dip bread in gravy SOP
Edible mushroom CEP
Cotton type PIMA
Main oxygen supplying artery of the body AORTA
Side dish in India RAITA
You can only go up from here NADIR
River in Brazil NEGRO
Ditto in footnotes IBID
Don’t take ___ seriously! ITSO
Computer unit BYTE
Tablet since 2010 IPAD
Boardroom VIP: Abbr DIR


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