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Crossword Champ Premium November 9 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Premium November 9 2022 Answers:

Relating to the bottom layer BASAL
Not interested feeling dull BORED
As ___ (ordinarily) ARULE
Like some booms SONIC
Lack of oxygen ANOXIA
An ex of Burt LONI
Execrates HATES
Scary old woman HAG
‘So soon?” ALREADY
Familia members TIAS
Lay to rest ENTOMB
Observe; understand SEE
Fed management agency GSA
Word with seven or high SEAS
Pirate’s approving word ARR
City on the Penobscot ORONO
(Flared skirt shape) (var) ALINE
Across in verse OER
Improperly long sentence RUNON
Annoy IRK
Egypt once (abbr) UAR
Alchemist’s potion ELIXIR
Star usually known as Alpha Centauri RIGIL
___ Beso ESO
CD predecessors LPS
Robert ___ Stevenson LOUIS
Tenth: prefix DECI
The Monkees’ ___ Believer IMA
Gentle MILD
Warhol subject MAO
Paraffin ALKANE
Make less tight LOOSEN
Deadens BLUNTS
Snack NOSH
Dainty TWEE
Actress Thompson of Family SADA
Hrs on the 90th meridian CST
Scantily ___ (wearing very little clothing) CLAD
1987 Lionel Richie hit SELA
Animated short for short TOON
Unctuous OILY
Plains Indian of the southwest KIOWA
Indiana town LEOPOLD
Carlsbad straddles it PECOS
Racked up AMASSED
Downwind ALEE
March for one MONTH
Succulent flowering plants ALOES
College in NC ELON
Oriental appetizer EGGROLL
Isn’t ___ bit like you and me?: Beatles’ lyric HEA
Trips the light fantastic DANCES
A violent hot sand-laden wind in North Africa SIMOON
Subjects of modern mapping GENES
Yes ender SIRREE
CIA of the Navy ONI
Affect with to GET
Luteinizing hormone in males (abbr) ICSH
Unrefined CRUDE
Having a sole or soles SOLED
Politico Perot HROSS
Response to a ques ANS
Automobile Liability Insurance Reporting for short ALIR
Workers’ rights org NLRB
Feb follower MAR
Suit to ___ ATEE
Scream genre HORROR
Sculling tools OARS
Twelfth in a series of 26 ELL
Finnish hockey star Tikkanen ESA
Old paper parts ROTOS
Ribosomal ___ RNA
She had many dre___s in her wardrobe SSE
Artificial language created for a specific purpose ARULO
Male aristocrat SIR
Coward and namesakes NOELS
Counsels old word REDES
Financial hedger briefly ARB
Give extreme unction to old-style ANELE
Kernels SEEDS


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