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Crossword Champ Pro November 16 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Pro November 16 2022 Answers:

Goal AIM
Wirehair on the silver screen ASTA
Queen’s Chapel designer ___ Jones INIGO
Shopping centers MALLS
Ciao! TATA
Terrible’ phase TWOS
Starts of sneezes AHS
Pet shop fish TETRA
Xenophobes concern ALIEN
Tennis’s Steffi GRAF
Old Pontiac GTO
Light-regulating devices RHEOSTATS
First-rate STELLAR
Gift tag word FROM
Stocking problem SNAG
Ganders GEESE
Young seal WHELP
Common Sense pamphleteer PAINE
Red-bearded god THOR
Square in a public square maybe TILE
Port of old Rome OSTIA
Wine opener OENO
Shoelace tags AGLETS
1 mmHg pressure TORR
Old-time actor Wallace ___ REID
Hero shop DELI
Original manufacturer’s equipment abbr OEM
__ buco OSSO
Etiquette MANNERS
Mediterranean union MAFIA
Sevillian sewer scurrier RATA
Mother of the Valkyries ERDA
Fist bump DAP
On cloud nine ELATED
‘The Time Machine” people ELOI
Stop it! DONT
Shade tree OAK
Poetic dark hue EBON
Kid’s construction block LEGO
Ransom star MELGIBSON
Rubber boats RAFTS
Half a fly? TSE
Stirring tales SAGAS
San Francisco’s Museo ___ Americano ITALO
Has-____ BEEN
The ___ Bible (John Kennedy Toole novel) NEON
Galileo eg PISAN
___ in the bud (stop at an early stage) NIP
Oodles 2 wds ATON
Flirtatious spectator OGLER
University mil group ROTC
Auspices AEGIS
Dog command SIT
Useless NOGOOD
End of life DEATH
Mimicked APED
Red seaweed DULSE
Enlightened Buddhist ARHAT
Christopher of Superman REEVE
Seasonings applied to grilled chicken or steak RUBS
Blemishes BLOTS
High-altitude probe SONDE
Vatican vestment ALB
Fully fit ABLE
Temporary debt LOAN
Affectionate attention CARE
Longtime name in banking MELLON
West and Jemison MAES
Egg holder NEST
Greenish-yellow pear BOSC
Civil War inits CSA
1970s NBC courtroom drama THEDA
AMA members DRS
Sound unit SONE
Vientiane is its capital LAOS
Where French ships dock HAVRE
LAX announcements ETDS
Sicilian resort ENNA
Hardy heroine TESS
Get firm SET


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