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Crossword Champ Pro November 20 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Pro November 20 2022 Answers:

Areas in basilicas APSES
Quickly APACE
Jeopardy PERIL
Placed upright STOOD
Directional ending ERN
Dictated as a parent might SAIDSO
Alphabet trio RST
Deteriorates ROTS
Green ogre of film SHREK
Sneaker part TOE
Gradual SLOW
Knitted garment SWEATER
Piecrust ingredient LARD
Snoopy peer ODIE
Triumphs WINS
Ruined rose-red city of Jordan PETRA
Deep laugh HOHO
Rooster’s mate HEN
Watercourse channel WADI
Rice-__ ARONI
Versailles verb ETRE
___ go bragh ERIN
AFL’s partner CIO
__ Macabre DANSE
Member of the meeting ATTENDEE
Evanesces FADES
Chevy rivals FORDS
Like Alec amongst the Baldwin brothers ELDEST
Overhead trains ELS
Granny for one KNOT
Clever thinking! NEATIDEA
Singer Lenya LOTTE
General on a Chinese menu TSO
Inventor Howe ELIAS
Puts up ERECTS
Nightclub of song COPA
South American monkey TITI
Medical at once! STAT
Feathery scarves BOAS
Smile radiantly BEAM
Ye ___ Shoppe OLDE
Start of a recipe direction (2 wds) ADDA
Class for some US citizens-to-be ESL
Not gauche ADROIT
Antiquity in antiquity ELD
Applies an unguent ANOINTS
It’s written with a minus sign ANION
Tapping grp NSA
School advisory grp PTA
Sum part ADDEND
Fencing words ENGARDE
Do-say connection ASI
Worms and such to a fisherman BAIT
The world’s best-selling beer for short BUD
Stinker MEANIE
Hindu holy man SADHU
Door parts HINGES
Functions GOES
Teacher wearing a turban SWAMI
Large sea ducks EIDERS
Sister of Calliope ERATO
Torn apart RIVEN
Part of a Tama or Pearl set SNARE
Astronomer Carl ____ SAGAN
Travel safety grp SADD
Chick’s tail? ADEE
Highlander GAEL
___ Work it Out WECAN
Hydrocarbon suffixes ENES
These: Fr CES
___ Tin Tin RIN
Jewish calendar heading ADAR
Novelist Austen JANE
Pres Madison or Monroe JAS
Tropical fruit GUAVA
Actress Merkel UNA
Monopoly acquisition DEED
City on the Skunk River AMES
Proofreader’s mark DELE
Family mem SIS
River at Lyon SAONE

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