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Crossword Champ Pro November 23 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Pro November 23 2022 Answers:

___ in Frank FAS
Oleaginous FATTY
Welcoming word in Hawaii ALOHA
The Crucible setting SALEM
Healing plants ALOES
Neighbor of Eur AFR
Charters LEASES
Medical prefix OSTEO
Unending ETERNAL
Leaky tire sound SSS
Coup d’___? OEIL
Torrent ONRUSH
Annual literary award EGAR
Tennessee’s state flower IRIS
Singer Lovett LYLE
State since Dec 14 1819 ALA
Furious ANGRY
Yours in Tours ATOI
Locale for the Zoot Suit Riots of ’43 EASTLA
Beaten path through the countryside TRAIL
Take ___ Train THEA
Title for knights on Game of Thrones SER
After golf or collision COURSE
Type of gang or saw CHAIN
Southern roots YAMS
Billion-year time period EON
To each ___ own’ HIS
French possessive TES
Abbr before a founding date ESTD
Therapists’ org APA
___ seul (dance solo) PAS
Engage HIRE
Not being used IDLE
Coral ridge REEF
Wrap up END
Animation frames CELS
Play group CAST
Actress Jennifer of Pride and Prejudice EHLE
Cafe au ___ LAIT
Perfume brand by Dana TABU
Family room DEN
Indian sage MAHATMA
Rx writers MDS
Mom overseas MATER
Haier products for short ACS
Held up like traffic SNARLED
Saskatchewan capital REGINA
High-speed Internet option DSL
Slender bluish-green fish DACE
Bon vivant EPICURE
Gripe BEEF
Leave in to an editor STET
Restraint DURESS
Recipe amt TSP
Kind of shot MUG
Bricklayers MASONS
Summer in Quebec ETE
Hardy’s Pure Woman TESS
The Monkees’ ___ Believer IMA
Morning prayer MATIN
___ Excited (Pointer Sisters hit) IMSO
Tin or tungsten METAL
Surfer’s resting place SHORE
Sty sounds OINKS
Oh! Susanna composer FOSTER
Domino of rock and roll FATS
Work written between Typee and Mardi OMOO
Yemen’s capital SANA
___ in cat CAS
Classic soft drink NEHI
Asian nurses AMAHS
Land in the Thames eg AIT
___ West of Hollywood MAE
Skater Slutskaya IRINA
Moses’ river basket per Exodus ARK
Rise to great heights SOAR
Needing kneading perhaps TENSE
___ Cayes Haiti LES

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