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Daily American Crossword January 18 2023 Answers

Best Daily American Crossword January 18 2023 Answers:

Formal dances 5 letters BALLS
Bathing facility 3 letters SPA
Pond dross 4 letters SCUM
Be of use 5 letters AVAIL
Prune 4 letters TRIM
Forfeit 4 letters LOSE
Blackmore heroine 10 letters LORNADOONE
Asian border river 4 letters AMUR
Coarse 10 letters INDELICATE
Ground grain 4 letters MEAL
Drunkard 4 letters SOAK
Hot dish 6 letters TAMALE
Newspaper feature 6 letters COLUMN
Bug 6 letters PESTER
Fingerprint pattern 4 letters LOOP
Zenith 4 letters APEX
Fragrance 5 letters AROMA
Wife of Saturn 3 letters OPS
Like a slingshot 7 letters YSHAPED
Former Mideast inits. 3 letters UAR
Religious song 5 letters PSALM
It’s clicked on a computer 4 letters ICON
Faulkner’s Requiem for __ 4 letters ANUN
Actress Kidman 6 letters NICOLE
Light source 6 letters CANDLE
Miscellaneous assortment 6 letters RAGBAG
Permanent army post 4 letters FORT
Elbe tributary 4 letters EGER
Resolute 10 letters DETERMINED
Weapon swung by a gaucho 4 letters BOLA
Some kitchen utensils 10 letters ENAMELWARE
__ Rabbit 4 letters BRER
Standard 4 letters NORM
De Valera of Ireland 5 letters EAMON
Effortless 4 letters EASY
Like Willie Winkie 3 letters WEE
Lock or ringlet 5 letters TRESS
Hope-Crosby film destination 4 letters BALI
River of Shakespeare’s Stratford 4 letters AVON
Shortening 4 letters LARD
Makes available 7 letters LINESUP
Ski race 6 letters SLALOM
Standard 5 letters STOCK
Malay boat 4 letters PROA
You __ seen nothin’ yet! 4 letters AINT
Stir 7 letters SLAMMER
Stop by 10 letters COMEAROUND
Customary 5 letters USUAL
Actress Oberon 5 letters MERLE
Encounters 5 letters MEETS
Rigg and Ross 6 letters DIANAS
Not very much 4 letters ATAD
Hoofbeat sound 4 letters CLOP
Cry over spilt milk? 4 letters OOPS
1984 Olympics venue 10 letters LOSANGELES
Serenity 5 letters PEACE
Big exhibition 4 letters EXPO
Actor Silvers 4 letters PHIL
Handle without care 4 letters MAUL
Rule Britannia composer 4 letters ARNE
Community gym site 4 letters YMCA
Concert finale 6 letters ENCORE
Book collection 7 letters LIBRARY
Pacifist 7 letters ANTIWAR
Whimsical poet Nash 5 letters OGDEN
Sleeve band 6 letters ARMLET
Jewish teacher 5 letters REBBE
Ancient marketplace 5 letters AGORA
__ fatale 5 letters FEMME
Sufficient in verse 4 letters ENOW
Biblical weed 4 letters TARE
Handle 4 letters NAME
Cupid’s Greek counterpart 4 letters EROS
Lairs 4 letters DENS


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