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=Daily American Crossword January 19 2023 Answers

Best Daily American Crossword January 19 2023 Answers:

Yarns 5 letters TALES
Cribbage marker 3 letters PEG
Vaulted alcove 4 letters APSE
Unaccompanied 5 letters ALONE
Part of Q.E.D. 4 letters ERAT
Belgian songwriter Jacques 4 letters BREL
Venetian boat song 10 letters BARCAROLLE
Folk singer Mitchell 4 letters JONI
Anxiety or discomfort 10 letters UNEASINESS
Doing 4 letters UPTO
Deities 4 letters GODS
Lasso 6 letters LARIAT
Calculator figure 6 letters ADDEND
Home for Heidi 6 letters CHALET
Prompted 4 letters CUED
Golfer Sandy 4 letters LYLE
Loathing 5 letters ODIUM
__ Aviv 3 letters TEL
In view 7 letters SEEABLE
Spanish gold 3 letters ORO
Deceptively plausible 5 letters SLICK
Western writer Zane 4 letters GREY
Foam 4 letters SUDS
Cower 6 letters CRINGE
Kind of monkey 6 letters RHESUS
French film director Chabrol 6 letters CLAUDE
New Look designer 4 letters DIOR
Shoestring 4 letters LACE
East African capital 10 letters ADDISABABA
Seed covering 4 letters ARIL
Histrionic 10 letters THEATRICAL
__ the picture! 4 letters IGET
Frost 4 letters HOAR
Region south of the Sahara 5 letters SAHEL
Pink 4 letters ROSY
Sardonic 3 letters WRY
Doorway 5 letters ENTRY
Forbidden 4 letters TABU
Actor Alda 4 letters ALAN
Traditional knowledge 4 letters LORE
Confined 7 letters ENCAGED
Fall e.g. 6 letters SEASON
Lowly workers 5 letters PEONS
Perry’s creator 4 letters ERLE
Guys’ partners 4 letters GALS
Given up 7 letters ABJURED
Favorable 10 letters PROPITIOUS
Actress Berger 5 letters SENTA
Adam Bede author 5 letters ELIOT
Magnetic induction unit 5 letters TESLA
Conundrum 6 letters RIDDLE
Succulent plant 4 letters ALOE
Serves 4 letters ACTS
Affaire d’honneur 4 letters DUEL
Choice foods 10 letters DELICACIES
Irish county 5 letters CLARE
Greek goddess of youth 4 letters HEBE
Burglar 4 letters YEGG
Language of Pakistan 4 letters URDU
Bryologist’s interest 4 letters MOSS
Veer out of control 4 letters SKID
Player of an old instrument 6 letters LYRIST
Inhumanity 7 letters CRUELTY
Belgrade inhabitant 7 letters SERBIAN
Below for Byron 5 letters NEATH
Rough and husky 6 letters HOARSE
__ de Lune 5 letters CLAIR
Slow movement 5 letters LARGO
Journal 5 letters DIARY
Arab boat 4 letters DHOW
Letter opener 4 letters DEAR
Eight in Essen 4 letters ACHT
Boxer Max 4 letters BAER
Join forces 4 letters ALLY


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