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Daily American Crossword January 20 2023 Answers

Daily American Crossword January 20 2023 Answers:

Thin nails 5 letters BRADS
Mata __ 4 letters HARI
Kitchen appliance 4 letters OVEN
Man of many words 5 letters ROGET
Farm team 4 letters OXEN
Variety of fine cotton 4 letters PIMA
Enigma Variations composer 5 letters ELGAR
Comedian Foxx 4 letters REDD
May school event often 4 letters PROM
__ incognita 5 letters TERRA
Colleague 9 letters ASSOCIATE
Brief digression 5 letters ASIDE
Lots and lots 6 letters OODLES
Result of erosion 6 letters RAVINE
Jazzman Chick 5 letters COREA
Wizard of Oz character 9 letters SCARECROW
Artless 4 letters NAIF
Ex-GI 3 letters VET
Local lingo 7 letters DIALECT
Sect leader? 3 letters TRI
Quarry 4 letters PREY
Whiskey cocktail 9 letters MANHATTAN
Watering hole 5 letters OASIS
They’re out of this world 6 letters ALIENS
Junior rocker 6 letters CRADLE
Stormy Weather songwriter 5 letters ARLEN
Counterculture adornment 9 letters LOVEBEADS
Pickup 5 letters TRUCK
Indigo 4 letters ANIL
Latitude 4 letters PLAY
Not __ in the world 5 letters ACARE
Loafing 4 letters IDLE
One of the Muppets 4 letters ELMO
Reveal 5 letters LETON
Highway 4 letters ROAD
__ et mon droit 4 letters DIEU
Chosen ones 5 letters ELECT
Author Harte 4 letters BRET
Acting job 4 letters ROLE
Exacerbate 9 letters AGGRAVATE
Letter opener 7 letters DEARSIR
Forced 8 letters STRAINED
Dike Eunomia and Irene 5 letters HORAE
Hackers 4 letters AXES
1981 Warren Beatty film 4 letters REDS
Not alfresco 6 letters INDOOR
Town-dweller 7 letters OPPIDAN
Like the flu 5 letters VIRAL
Chew the scenery 5 letters EMOTE
Handles 5 letters NAMES
Runner Sebastian 3 letters COE
Metric prefix 4 letters DECI
Letters to answer? 4 letters RSVP
Super server 4 letters ACER
Carbonated drinks 5 letters COLAS
A Prayer for __ Meany 4 letters OWEN
Branches 4 letters RAMI
Water down 9 letters ATTENUATE
Neighbor of Turkmenistan 4 letters IRAN
Fifties auto feature 4 letters FINS
Scorch 4 letters CHAR
Whopper 8 letters TALLTALE
Sung in Tyrolean style 7 letters YODELED
Male hawk 7 letters TIERCEL
Priestly garb 3 letters ALB
Permeated 6 letters SEEPED
__ de Lune 5 letters CLAIR
Concerto finale often 5 letters RONDO
St. Teresa’s place 5 letters AVILA
__ Like It 5 letters ASYOU
__ Need (Temptations hit) 4 letters ALLI
Woman of distinction 4 letters DAME
Swamp snapper 4 letters CROC
Where Canterbury is 4 letters KENT


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