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Daily American Crossword November 13 2022 Answers

Best Daily American Crossword November 13 2022 Answers:

Aperture 5 letters CHINK
Famed whaler 4 letters AHAB
Possess 4 letters HAVE
Tragic Montague 5 letters ROMEO
Bryn __ College 4 letters MAWR
A Prayer for __ Meany 4 letters OWEN
Poppy product 5 letters OPIUM
Conductors cry 9 letters ALLABOARD
Small 8 letters PINTSIZE
Red shade 6 letters CERISE
Unthinking repetition 4 letters ROTE
Delayed 7 letters BELATED
Port on Commencement Bay 6 letters TACOMA
Ahead of time 5 letters EARLY
Study of fossil footprints 9 letters ICHNOLOGY
Hebridean island 4 letters SKYE
Modern-day evidence 3 letters DNA
Lumberjacks 7 letters LOGGERS
Smoking or __? 3 letters NON
Abominable Snowman 4 letters YETI
X-ray science 9 letters RADIOLOGY
Less common 5 letters RARER
Irrational fear 6 letters PHOBIA
Larry Moe and Curly 7 letters STOOGES
Mock 4 letters JEER
Cro-__ 6 letters MAGNON
Conferred 8 letters PARLEYED
Swamp danger 9 letters ALLIGATOR
Location 5 letters PLACE
Prevarications 4 letters LIES
__ de force 4 letters TOUR
Choreographer and dancer Cunningham 5 letters MERCE
Endure 4 letters LAST
Out of kilter 4 letters AWRY
Downy duck 5 letters EIDER
Field yield 4 letters CROP
Arizona Indian 4 letters HOPI
Poker declaration 4 letters IMIN
Atomic particle 7 letters NEUTRON
Soviet Union youth organization 8 letters KOMSOMOL
Astound 5 letters AMAZE
Able-bodied 4 letters HALE
Cobblers tool 3 letters AWL
Pick-me-up 6 letters BRACER
Cheers 7 letters HOORAYS
Expect 5 letters AWAIT
Poetry 5 letters VERSE
Signed off 5 letters ENDED
Telephone pioneer 4 letters BELL
Ethnic prefix 5 letters ITALO
Howled like a hound 5 letters BAYED
Neat 4 letters TIDY
Teen problem 4 letters ACNE
Informal talk 4 letters CHAT
Actress Samantha 5 letters EGGAR
Bogeymen 5 letters OGRES
Door feature 4 letters KNOB
Cartoon bear 4 letters YOGI
Irish New Age singer 4 letters ENYA
More mature 5 letters RIPER
I swear 8 letters SOHELPME
Wry writer 7 letters IRONIST
Rock singer? 7 letters LORELEI
Highly excited 4 letters AGOG
Soprano Scotto 6 letters RENATA
Diminutive 5 letters SMALL
Actress Shire 5 letters TALIA
Eyes amorously 5 letters OGLES
French playwright 5 letters JARRY
Teem 4 letters POUR
Long spar 4 letters YARD
Behold to Pilate 4 letters ECCE
Does and bucks 4 letters DEER
Stranded motorists need 3 letters TOW


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