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Daily American Crossword November 22 2022 Answers

Best Daily American Crossword November 22 2022 Answers:

French painter Soutine 5 letters CHAIM
Hoopla 4 letters HYPE
Ancient Greek coin 4 letters OBOL
Greene of Bonanza 5 letters LORNE
A piece of cake 4 letters EASY
__ Man (Estevez film) 4 letters REPO
Expletives 5 letters OATHS
Sagebrush genus 9 letters ARTEMISIA
Cherish 8 letters TREASURE
It’s handed down 6 letters LEGEND
Top of the heap 4 letters BEST
Roman household gods 7 letters PENATES
Walk purposefully 6 letters STRIDE
It’s a fact 5 letters DATUM
Chopin works 9 letters NOCTURNES
Ruler unit 4 letters INCH
Take up weapons 3 letters ARM
Medium 7 letters PSYCHIC
Sound heard in a herd 3 letters MOO
Knight’s backers 4 letters PIPS
Spanish dialect 9 letters ARAGONESE
Perchance 5 letters HAPLY
Alchemist’s potion 6 letters ELIXIR
Willa Cather heroine 7 letters ANTONIA
School (or anagram) of note 4 letters ETON
Pen 6 letters CORRAL
Eyed 8 letters STAREDAT
Place for pasta 9 letters TRATTORIA
St. Teresa’s place 5 letters AVILA
Actor Jannings 4 letters EMIL
Performed as a vocalist 4 letters SANG
Casual cotton 5 letters DENIM
Tyne of Cagney & Lacey 4 letters DALY
Foil’s kin 4 letters EPEE
Wistful exclamation 5 letters OHGEE
Coagulate 4 letters CLOT
Frost 4 letters HOAR
Johnson of Laugh-In 4 letters ARTE
Occupy 7 letters INHABIT
Botched 8 letters MESSEDUP
Tin Man’s desire 5 letters HEART
Ready archaically 4 letters YARE
S.F. zone 3 letters PST
Shoelace hole 6 letters EYELET
Paper pastime 7 letters ORIGAMI
Hemmed in 5 letters BESET
Think so 5 letters OPINE
A lot 5 letters LOADS
Option list 4 letters MENU
Junkies 5 letters USERS
Turkish bigwig 5 letters PASHA
Be abrupt 4 letters SNAP
Singer Amos 4 letters TORI
Can. cops 4 letters RCMP
Disparage 5 letters DECRY
African antelope 5 letters NYALA
Ariz. neighbor 4 letters NMEX
__ fan tutte 4 letters COSI
Ground breaker 4 letters HOER
__ Kick out of You 5 letters IGETA
Mountain State 8 letters COLORADO
Soon 7 letters SHORTLY
Assyrian capital 7 letters NINEVEH
Med. course 4 letters ANAT
Furry 6 letters PILOSE
Played a role 5 letters ACTED
Bellini opera 5 letters NORMA
Straggle 5 letters TRAIL
French story 5 letters ETAGE
__ qua non 4 letters SINE
Sound as a bell 4 letters DING
I cannot tell __ 4 letters ALIE
Domesticated 4 letters TAME
Sound at the door 3 letters RAP

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