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Daily Cryptic Crossword January 18 2023 Answers

Best Daily Cryptic Crossword January 18 2023 Answers:

Tender young model? 10 letters BABYSITTER
A gift for putting party before country 8 letters DONATION
A monstrous giant makes the queen go back 4 letters OGRE
Retain part of the castle 4 letters KEEP
The food of love say? 7 letters SAVELOY
Game strikers fought to get minerals 11 letters BATTLEDORES
King George has a double but not all at once 7 letters GRADUAL
Laid-back face 4 letters DIAL
Incline to be thin 4 letters LEAN
Hustling to provide natural illumination 8 letters SUNLIGHT
Late campanologist’s double 10 letters DEADRINGER
Tolerate a small stream 5 letters BROOK
Showing two undergarments is most valiant 7 letters BRAVEST
Leave out a container for rubbish 4 letters SKIP
Sat and drank from these? 8 letters TANKARDS
Run away from antelopes 5 letters ELOPE
Criminals used by shepherds? 6 letters CROOKS
Leeds can change if purified 8 letters CLEANSED
Island that is carried round? 6 letters BORNEO
Cultivating fruit on top of greenhouse 7 letters RAISING
Needs reform being stupid 5 letters DENSE
Composer providing some simple harmony 5 letters LEHAR
One who’s not in favour in Byzantium 4 letters ANTI


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