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Daily Cryptic Crossword November 11 2022 Answers

Best Daily Cryptic Crossword November 11 2022 Answers:

Island area seen by youngster 4 letters CUBA
Squatter composing chamber music 8 letters QUARTETS
Actors on holiday begin a voyage 7 letters CASTOFF
Let everyone go to town centre 5 letters ALLOW
Another name for Alice Turner? 5 letters CELIA
Observation concerning former German currency 6 letters REMARK
Essex porter in new train 13 letters ORIENTEXPRESS
Hard work put in by chef for tea? 6 letters EFFORT
Country where native leader is seen in Roman costume 5 letters TONGA
Distributing aid in Asian country 5 letters INDIA
It’s able to grow wild like an animal 7 letters BESTIAL
Elegant Central European editor 8 letters POLISHED
The French in the modern era are first 4 letters LEAD
Two birds seen at dawn 8 letters COCKCROW
A herb for Mr Fawlty 5 letters BASIL
Nat King Cole song that will always be remembered? 13 letters UNFORGETTABLE
Get weapons again to back military leader 5 letters REARM
General disorder? That’s swell 7 letters ENLARGE
News broadcast that’s stitched together? 4 letters SEWN
Realm in which no maid is in distress 6 letters DOMAIN
Attacked animal was sick 8 letters ASSAILED
One who doesn’t believe in Castro? 7 letters INFIDEL
Compound left by smoker of marijuana? 6 letters POTASH
A friend covered with very large gems 5 letters OPALS
Racket for when one is playing? 5 letters NOISE
Walk with difficulty having wilted? 4 letters LIMP


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