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Daily Quick Crossword January 20 2023 Answers

Daily Quick Crossword January 20 2023 Answers:

Searcher for minerals 10 letters PROSPECTOR
Flute player 8 letters FLAUTIST
Merit 4 letters EARN
Cain’s brother 4 letters ABEL
Naturally grown 7 letters ORGANIC
Cutting down expenses 11 letters RETRENCHING
Changed 7 letters ALTERED
Lofty 4 letters TALL
Capital of Norway 4 letters OSLO
Feelings 8 letters EMOTIONS
Plague 10 letters PESTILENCE
Lively dance 5 letters POLKA
Rich luxurious 7 letters OPULENT
Bucket 4 letters PAIL
At a reduced rate 8 letters CUTPRICE
Musical drama 5 letters OPERA
Attempting 6 letters TRYING
Worshipful 8 letters REVERENT
Zestful enjoyment 6 letters RELISH
European language 7 letters ITALIAN
Wear away 5 letters ERODE
Jousting weapon 5 letters LANCE
Implement 4 letters TOOL


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