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Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers November 11, 2022

Author: Eugene Sheffer


Nov. honoree VET
Foot rub response AAH
Parisian river SEINE
Expert ACE
6 on a phone MNO
“Be silent,” in scores TACET
Bagel topper LOX
Toronto’s prov. ONT
Trivial MINOR
Optimistic ROSY
Profit NET
“Coffee Cantata” composer BACH
Ballpark fig. EST
Sound system STEREO
World record? ATLAS
Finds out LEARNS
Tampa Bay NFLer BUC
Fido’s feet PAWS
French pal AMI
Soccer star Mia HAMM
Blueprints PLANS
Runner Sebastian COE
Wee bit TAD
Like some rites PAGAN
Lawn coating DEW
JFK info ETA
Hybrid utensil SPORK
Hesitant sounds ERS
ISP alternative DSL


Bravery VALOR
Low-budget prefix ECONO
Modern messages TEXTS
Bands on radios AMFM
Consecrate with oil ANOINT
“Stormy Weather” singer Lena HORNE
Commotion STIR
Have dinner EAT
Post-op area ICU
Composer Rorem NED
Paris summer ETE
Youngsters TOTS
Decade parts YEARS
Sand castle site BEACH
Rainbow shape ARC
Bee follower CEE
Scuttle HOD
Tax form ID SSN
Capote nickname TRU
Jungfrau, e.g. ALP
Earl Grey, for one TEA
Order partner LAW
Pretzel topper SALT
School paper holder BINDER
Bea Arthur sitcom MAUDE
Played a part ACTED
Castle barriers MOATS
Military award MEDAL
Flamingo’s hue PINK
Gives a darn? SEWS
Family docs GPS
Knock RAP
In the past AGO
Roofing goo TAR


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