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Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers November 14, 2022

Author: Eugene Sheffer


Comic Carrey JIM
Harry Hamlin TV series LALAW
Wrestling surface MAT
Get older AGE
“West Side Story” role ANITA
Berliner’s cry ACH
Sunday paper sections MAGAZINES
Bearded beast GNU
— Royal Highness HIS
Was penitent ATONED
Mexican entree TAMALE
“Take — your leader” METO
Greek H ETA
Evergreen tree YEW
George Eliot’s Marner SILAS
Rules (Abbr.) REGS
— Moines DES
Sediment SILT
Army doc MEDIC
A/C measure BTU
Red — beet ASA
Yankee nickname AROD
Prolific inventor EDISON
“Honor Thy Father” author TALESE
Dog tags, e.g. IDS
St. crosser AVE
Make attractive MAGNETIZE
Heavy weight TON
Cartesian conclusion IAM
Bedazzle AWE
Leveling wedges SHIMS
Hosp. area ICU


Bread spread JAM
2022 U.S. Open winner Swiatek IGA
Eldest March sister MEG
In a sluggish way LAZILY
Ouzo flavorer ANISEED
Architect Maya LIN
Top players ATEAM
Squanders WASTES
Flowering trees MAGNOLIAS
Teen’s woe ACNE
Dull sound of impact THUD
“Caught ya!” AHA
Elevator name OTIS
School session TERM
Suit to — ATEE
Biblical Mary MAGDALENE
Spider’s home WEB
To boot ALSO
Getz of jazz STAN
Beget SIRE
“Ms.” co-founder Gloria STEINEM
Carl Sagan series COSMOS
Cow features UDDERS
Per Franklin, a certainty DEATH
Follower (Suff.) IST
“Toodle-oo!” TATA
Acknowledge AVOW
4, on a phone GHI
Jr.’s son III
Efron of “Neighbors” ZAC
Flightless bird EMU


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