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Eugene Sheffer Crossword Nov 23 2022 Answers

Eugene Sheffer Crossword November 23 2022 Answers:

Taunt 4 letters GIBE
Pear-shaped fruit 3 letters FIG
Does in mob-style 4 letters OFFS
Elliptical 4 letters OVAL
Singer Rawls 3 letters LOU
Bell sound 4 letters PEAL
Thanksgiving parade favorites 8 letters BALLOONS
Salinger girl 4 letters ESME
Deep blue 6 letters INDIGO
Like some limo windows 6 letters TINTED
Goof up 3 letters ERR
Disc-shaped cookie 4 letters OREO
Days of yore 3 letters ELD
Comics cry 3 letters EEK
Wear down 5 letters ERODE
Feudal laborer 4 letters SERF
Insult slangily 3 letters DIS
Winter blanket 4 letters SNOW
Royal crown 5 letters TIARA
Bar bill 3 letters TAB
Cyndi Lauper’s — Bop 3 letters SHE
Coat with gold 4 letters GILD
Watch chain 3 letters FOB
Restaurant fan 6 letters FOODIE
Style 6 letters FORMAT
Awestruck 4 letters AGOG
Animated films 8 letters CARTOONS
Actress Russo 4 letters RENE
Spanish gold 3 letters ORO
Let fall 4 letters DROP
GI dining hall 4 letters MESS
Campaigned 3 letters RAN
Desires 4 letters YENS
Asian desert 4 letters GOBI
Infamous tsar 4 letters IVAN
Hairless 4 letters BALD
Dallas matriarch 5 letters ELLIE
Bowled over 7 letters FLOORED
Bit of physics 3 letters ION
Enthusiasm 5 letters GUSTO
Starting bids 7 letters OPENERS
Decks out 8 letters FESTOONS
Notoriety 4 letters FAME
Rosebud to Kane 4 letters SLED
Shrek for one 4 letters OGRE
Fury 3 letters IRE
Superlative suffix 3 letters EST
Island garland 3 letters LEI
Old foot soldiers 8 letters DRAGOONS
Young fox 3 letters KIT
What was I thinking? 3 letters DOH
Ram’s mate 3 letters EWE
Kitchen fixtures 7 letters FRIDGES
Paella spice 7 letters SAFFRON
Actress MacGraw 3 letters ALI
Cowboy’s footwear 4 letters BOOT
Interior design 5 letters DECOR
Adrien of The Pianist 5 letters BRODY
Rural tract 4 letters FARM
Curved molding 4 letters OGEE
Encore! 4 letters MORE
Soon poetically 4 letters ANON
Recipe amts. 4 letters TSPS

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