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Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Apr 3 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
“I __ Rock” AMA
Animated figure TOON
Arcade pioneer ATARI
Attempt TRY
Author Vonnegut KURT
Baking dishes PIEPLATES
Bank acct. entry INT
Banks of baseball ERNIE
Bassoon’s kin OBOE
Cain, to Eve SON
Calendar abbr FEB
Chai brewer TEAPOT
Challenged DARED
City on the Danube ULM
Classic car REO
Congeal SET
Different ELSE
Disappearing Asian lake ARALSEA
Employ USE
Explorer Hernando DESOTO
First-place medal GOLD
Flower part STEM
Forever and __ ADAY
Franc replacer EURO
Funnel-shaped bloom PETUNIA
Gear teeth COGS
Geological period ERA
Globe ORB
Golf pegs TEES
Hogwash ROT
Hooded snakes COBRAS
Idyllic places EDENS
Japanese seaport OSAKA
Jungfrau, for one ALP
Kimono sash OBI
Less timid BOLDER
Longing YEN
Microsoft co-founder BILLGATES
Ms. Rowlands GENA
Naps noisily SNORES
Observe SEE
Part of NATO ATL
Perfect partners SOULMATES
Poker variety STUD
Porgy’s love BESS
Prefix with athlete TRI
Prez on a penny ABE
Profound DEEP
Ravi’s instrument SITAR
Raw rock ORE
Refusals NOS
River formations DELTAS
Santa’s aide ELF
Scheduling alternatives RAINDATES
School book fair org PTA
Shoe width EEE
Soda POP
Standard PAR
Tennis great Monica SELES
Titled peers NOBLES
Ump’s call OUT
Warm and cozy TOASTY
Wear down ERODE
World Cup cheer OLE


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