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Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Jun 24 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
“Humbug!” BAH
“Shoo!” SCAT
“You betcha!!” YEP
Auction SALE
Author Gay TALESE
Bailiwick AREA
Ballot markings XES
Beholds SEES
Biblical grain measure OMER
Birdlike AVIAN
Body art, for short TAT
Boutique SHOP
Boxer PUG
Cacophony DIN
Candle dripping WAX
Carte MENU
Carte lead-in ALA
Cote cry BAA
Croupier’s tool RAKE
Curved molding OGEE
Dandy guy FOP
Differ VARY
Elite alternative PICA
Ethereal AIRY
Famed sportscaster Howard COSELL
Follow orders OBEY
Formerly ONCE
Hasten HIE
Hearty quaff ALE
Highland caps TAMS
Hourly pay WAGE
Kilmer of “Top Gun” VAL
Like a popular meme VIRAL
Manor workers BUTLERS
Mata __ HARI
Melody TUNE
Mom’s brother UNCLE
Museum display ART
Not that THIS
Paris appellation NOM
Pen tip NIB
Penn or Astin SEAN
Pester NAG
Pickling herb DILL
Pocket bread PITA
Point CUSP
Pool table surface FELT
Porky Pig’s love PETUNIA
Portable headrests TRAVELPILLOWS
Rent out LET
Sacred symbol TOTEM
Season opener? PRE
Sofa brand IKEA
Steal from ROB
Surrealist Salvador DALI
Swelled head EGO
Tax-collecting org IRS
Tennessee footballer TITAN
The Emerald Isle EIRE
Trip-planning sites TRAVELBUREAUS
U.K. recording label EMI
Water, to Juan AGUA
Wee bit TAD
Wound cover SCAB


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