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Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Jun 27 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
“Caught ya!” AHA
“__ Way” (Sinatra biography) HIS
800, in old Rome DCCC
Actress Dennings of “Thor” KAT
Altar vows IDOS
Billions of years EONS
Cab cost FARE
Camper’s bag DUFFEL
CBS forensic drama CSI
Cold hangover soothers ICEPACKS
Comic Schumer of 2015’s “Trainwreck” AMY
Corp. boss CEO
Crossword hint CLUE
Damon or Dillon MATT
Decay ROT
Deity GOD
Despot TSAR
Drive- __ window THRU
Duel tool EPEE
Evening hrs PMS
Give up CEDE
GOP rivals DEMS
Grand THOU
Gratuity TIP
Greek cheese FETA
Grier of “The L Word” PAM
Italian money EURO
Lanka lead-in SRI
Making one laugh, say TICKLING
Mend a sock DARN
Napkin’s perch LAP
Neckwear pins TIETACKS
Org. for seniors AARP
Partner MATE
PBS funder NEA
Pick up the tab TREAT
Picnic intruders ANTS
Places for derbies HATRACKS
Places of refuge ARKS
Quotidian DAILY
Red + blue PURPLE
Remain STAY
Rent- __ ACAR
Repeat ECHO
Request ASK
Restroom fixtures SINKS
Russian horsemen COSSACKS
Sleek, in car lingo AERO
Snake-haired character in 2010’s “Clash of the Titans” MEDUSA
Snapshots PICS
Speeding penalties FINES
Sports fig ATH
Supergirl’s first name KARA
Taxpayer IDs SSNS
Terre Haute sch ISU
Top dog HEAD
Tubular pasta ZITI
Two-pointer in football SAFETY
What summer blockbusters can be described as MUSTSEES
Zodiac bull TAURUS
__ -Magnon CRO
__ the crack of dawn UPAT


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