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Family Time – Apr 2 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
“Enterprise” journey TREK
“Right you ___!” ARE
Aloud ORAL
Annual NFL event DRAFT
Anonymous name (2 words) JOHNDOE
Born, in society papers NEE
Briskness (in the air) NIP
Certain billiard ball CUE
Chat GAB
Christmasy candle scent BALSAM
Church recess APSE
Chute opener? PARA
Colorado city PUEBLO
Conclusion END
Consumed ATE
Dance that originated in Bohemia POLKA
Doja Cat’s genre RAP
ER nurse, e.g HERO
Explode (2 words) BLOWUP
Flashy trinket GAUD
Give off EMIT
Hairy creature APE
High praise RAVE
Ice cream drink MALT
Inch or minute, e.g UNIT
It forms over a wound SCAB
It makes drinks cold ICE
Large coffee dispenser URN
Less than twice ONCE
Little green veggie PEA
Lumpy mass GLOB
More than zero ANY
Need a doctor AIL
Newsworthy pair ITEM
Not me or them YOU
Of the finest quality AONE
Opposite of answer ASK
Opposite of celebrate BEMOAN
Opposite of under OVER
Pinto or butter BEAN
Poetic “before” ERE
Puzzle part PIECE
Sandpaper feature GRIT
Shaggy ___ Scooby-Doo AND
Sickness AILMENT
Simba’s warning ROAR
Similar AKIN
Sing with your mouth closed HUM
Skewered dish KEBAB
Soggy grassland MARSH
Source of red blood cells in bones MARROW
South Dakota’s country USA
Stat for a pitcher ERA
Stinging remark BARB
Stockholm’s land SWEDEN
Sunday through Saturday WEEK
Suspenseful part of a seat EDGE
Thing to wash daily FACE
Tin Man’s need OIL
Tractor-trailer RIG
Untold years EON
Violent spasm of pain THROE
Was the leader LED
Where a scientist works LAB
Wild plum SLOE
Window-frame upright JAMB
Wood strip LATH
___ de force TOUR


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