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Family Time – Jul 1 2024

Clues Answers
”Not guilty” for some PLEA
”When ___ the birds coming back?” ARE
”___ Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” ITS
1996 presidential candidate Bob DOLE
21-Down material, sometimes TIN
American leader? ALL
As far as you can go from the most LEAST
Attempt again freshly REDO
Biscayne, for one BAY
Body relaxation establishment SPA
Borderline for a skirt HEM
Borrow? No, be generous LEND
Brave competitor on a grassy field? MET
Bread type RYE
Browns at McDonald’s? HASH
Caustic, corrosive cleaning agent LYE
Chess player’s action MOVE
Crack it to eat the insides NUT
Cut from the same cloth AKIN
Decade years TEN
Dedicatory poems ODES
Deprive of weapons UNARM
Did the step before chewing BIT
Discontinue for now SUSPEND
Disorderly outbursts TODOS
Display at the Getty ART
Famous canal or lake ERIE
Frying vessel PAN
Fully completed, as a film OVER
Gardening moss PEAT
Gossipy, up-in-your-business buttinsky YENTA
Greatest in status SUPREME
Clues Answers
Group of like-minded voters BLOC
Have macaroni with anchovies ATE
Hydrogen and helium are the two lightest GASES
Initial poker payment ANTE
Is droopy SAGS
It totals 1 billion years EON
Jupiter or Uranus PLANET
Knowledge learned through tradition LORE
Little kid taking stuff and running away IMP
Lopsided, as a deal or agreement UNILATERAL
Music to do the hustle to DISCO
No longer movable SET
On time PROMPT
Permit or allow LET
Powerful Olympian SHOTPUTTER
Public bathroom type MENS
Raised and developed racehorses BRED
Sewer’s joiner SEAM
State claiming to be Bountiful UTAH
Stir up the fire in the fireplace STOKE
The opening day pitcher ACE
Thing spent in Mexico PESO
Tied 23 to 23 EVEN
Time spent in an office? TERM
Total number of even prime numbers ONE
Trash or coal container BIN
Uses a chisel artistically ETCHES
What a judge wears ROBE
What God frowns upon SIN
Wooden thing on a golf course TEE
Your Pepsi may be in it CAN
Your Pepsi may be in this too ICE
___ Strauss jeans LEVI


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