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Family Time – Jun 16 2024 Solutions

Clues Answers
”League” with Dartmouth IVY
”Say no more” STOP
”Way back long ___” AGO
”With all ___ respect” DUE
2 X 4 wall support STUD
A native of Haifa ISRAELI
Agatha Christie title? DAME
Attorney’s fee RETAINER
Black mark of disgrace STIGMA
Calligrapher’s liquid INK
Canning material TIN
Casual statement REMARK
Catch glimpse of ESPY
Catholic prayer (2 words) AVEMARIA
Chalked stick CUE
Chunk or hunk SLAB
Clove hitch, for example KNOT
Cry out YELL
Dermatological sac diagnosis CYST
Do a private eye’s job DETECT
Farm breakfast item EGG
Fireplace burner LOG
Floating above the rooftops ALOFT
Fowl of Australia EMU
Game show questions TRIVIA
Garment wrap of old Rome TOGA
Get in the game ENTER
Grain holding structure SILO
Jolly good fellow across the pond CHAP
Kind of premiere WORLD
Like portraits hanging in a museum FRAMED
Clues Answers
Little hoppers in Australia ROOS
Lives year after year AGES
Lobster’s coral of eggs ROE
Main heater? SUN
Massive chocolate holder VAT
Miles ___ hour PER
Mother number one EVE
Number in the ”Pledge of Allegiance” ONE
Orderly and neat TIDY
Outdoorsman’s love NATURE
Parking place LOT
Part of a frozen pond ICE
Product pushers ADS
Promise to pay letters IOU
Put your hands together CLAP
Rough-skinned tangelo UGLI
Running back’s gain YARDAGE
Seriously sincere EARNEST
Significant others? (2 words) ALTEREGOS
Small part of a fork TINE
Sound from a tiger ROAR
Sport played in water or on horseback POLO
Stylist’s spot SALON
Swamp creature ALLIGATOR
Take credit? BORROW
To boot TOO
Trait determiner GENE
Type of shorebird PLOVER
What diamonds do SPARKLE
Will beneficiary HEIR
You can travel on it ROAD


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