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Family Time – Mar 26 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
“… in ___-horse open sleigh” (2 words) AONE
“Away in a Manger,” for one NOEL
“Blame It on the Bossa ___” NOVA
“Calm down!” RELAX
“Do, re, mi, fa, ___ …” SOL
“For sale” sign site LAWN
“How ___ this happen?” DID
“Roses ___ red …” ARE
“Texas tea” producers (2 words) OILWELLS
“___ only as directed” USE
A shade of blue or a duck TEAL
Acme’s antonym NADIR
Aquatic bird LOON
Aquatic mammal OTTER
Badmouth ABASE
Before ERE
Biblical lady EVE
Black cat, to some OMEN
Blacken on a barbecue CHAR
Bowling ___ ALLEY
British noble EARL
Close by NEAR
Consumed ATE
Cookie type OREO
Count (on) RELY
Daffy Duck’s speech problem LISP
Definitely not good EVIL
Entire ALL
Finish END
Fiona or Shrek OGRE
Flamboyance ELAN
Friendly country ALLY
Fury IRE
It’s smaller than a molecule ATOM
Join, as metals WELD
Lacking pigmentation ALBINO
Like a fox SLY
Lil Nas X’s genre RAP
Maize CORN
Neuter GELD
Not feel well AIL
Not feeling well ILL
Not in any way (2 words) NOWISE
Not spend SAVE
Nothing NONE
Ocean liner SHIP
Opera highlight ARIA
Opposite of left RIGHT
Opposite of sink RISE
Opposite of west EAST
Pasture LEA
Place with nurses HOSPITAL
Protector of a rosebush THORN
Psychoanalysis subject EGO
Remove wrinkles IRON
Santa’s helper ELF
Slowly slip through the cracks SEEP
Small bit of land ISLE
Sound rebound ECHO
Survey by calling (2 words) TELEPHONEPOLL
Sword fight DUEL
Thumb one’s nose at DEFY
Word before “code” or “51” AREA
Work at, as a trade PLY
___ A Sketch (toy) ETCH


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